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6 July, 2006 - 10:16 By Staff Reporter

Suffolk firm strikes it big down under

A Suffolk weighing equipment manufacturer has signed a lucrative deal with a supply firm in Australia having designed equipment in response to new laws down under.

Griffith Elder’s innovative ‘Grain Brain’ checkweigher was developed and marketed as a solution for new regulations aimed to prevent lorries becoming dangerously overloaded.

Grain Brain weighs grain in motion as it is loaded into a silo, bin or lorry. As the crop passes through the system it flows over a weighing plate, an electronic loadcell mounted behind this plate measures the true weight and the results are displayed on a ‘Brain Box’ indicator in the cab.

Because the Grain Brain is a true weigher, it does not have to be recalibrated for different crops or bushel weights. The control box can predict what the grain will weigh after it has been dried to the desired moisture content.

Griffith managing director, David Elder said: “We have been very active promoting the product in the last year and have recently struck a great deal with a company in Victoria, Australia, which will import our equipment and supply the whole country.

“The Grain Brain was developed and marketed with Australia in mind, because their government has recently introduced new laws to prevent lorries being overloaded.

“It used to be the lorry driver’s responsibility to check his vehicle was not overloaded; now it is down to the person or company that loads the lorry. This makes weighing in motion particularly appealing to company bosses who want to save time and avoid a hefty fine.”

Based in Bury St Edmunds, Griffith Elder is a specialist manufacturer of high precision, durable weighing equipment. Its products range from industry-approved weighbridges and portable weighers to agricultural feed systems.

Griffith Elder attended UKTI’s Passport to Export programme before it began to market the Grain Brain. Elder said: “The programme taught us how to approach a market rather than just taking an order. It was important to develop a strategy before we entered Australia and the programme showed us how.”


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