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5 May, 2006 - 11:32 By Staff Reporter

Milestone for Plasmon

Plasmon, which develops professional archival storage solutions, has announced what it describes as a “major engineering milestone” in the development of a storage disk that can store 60GB of data.

The company reported it had successfully completed first phase product development demonstrating full specification 60GB media capacity and 12 MB/sec maximum sustained read performance.

Building on the market and technical success of the first generation 30GB UDO – released at the beginning of 2004 – the second generation UDO will double media capacity and increase read and write performance by 50 percent, says the company.

Plasmon’s CEO Nigel Street said: “The development of 60GB UDO is meeting all of our engineering objectives.

“As with first generation UDO, we made a clear design decision to implement well-understood and commercially proven technology components.

“This philosophy not only enables us to meet our development schedules, but also is delivering major product benefits.”


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