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14 July, 2006 - 14:47 By Staff Reporter

New e2v contract is out of this world

Chelmsford’s e2v technologies has landed a £4 million contract to provide the European Space Agency with state-of-the-art image sensors crucial to its galaxy mapping Gaia mission.=

e2v will design and supply around 50 CCD (charge coupled device) for the flight phase of the astronomical satellite’s journey to the Milky Way where it will conduct a census of one billion stars, mapping continuously over five years and creating the largest, most accurate 3D map of the galaxy to date.

This contract follows earlier wins for e2v on Gaia for CCDs worth a total of £10.9m.

It was awarded by EADS Astrium, which was officially awarded the Gaia satellite deal in May and represents the take up of an option to purchase additional sensors. There remain options to supply up to a further £3.4m of flight grade sensors for the programme.


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