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5 May, 2006 - 11:59 By Staff Reporter

Apex Security supplies a range of high security storage for documents and IT equipment

The St Ives-based contract electronics manufacturer, Prism Electronics, has secured an initial £50,000 contract to produce electro-mechanical assemblies for an innovative industrial linear actuator designed by world-leading motion solutions provider, US-based Copley Motion Systems LLC.

Copley designed the actuator for food and drinks manufacturing where the production trend is increasingly towards producing short runs of custom labelled and packaged products.

The device is used in cutting, coating and positioning processes on production lines.

The ability of the linear actuator to position itself accurately relies on the precise alignment of two sensors on the electro-mechanical assembly. Prism was awarded the contract because of its ability to produce these components accurately.

Clive Thompson, production manager at Copley, said: “Accuracy of delivered product was our main consideration when sourcing a supplier to manufacture the electro-mechanical assemblies for our linear actuator.

“Prism Electronics has demonstrated its ability to continually and reliably meet our manufacturing specifications.”

It can reduce downtime significantly compared to traditional systems that require the reconfiguration of production lines between product changeovers. Precision operation and alignment of the device during these processes is a key feature.

Prism produces two variations of electro-mechanical assembly which include high density circuit boards fitted with surface mounted components. To ensure precise alignment the sensors are positioned by hand. Initial batches tested by the company were fault free.

Prism employs 39 people and specialises in providing services to high-tech industries as well as to the military, medical and scientific sectors.


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