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7 September, 2017 - 11:49 By Kate Sweeney

Defence and security innovators in UK showcase

Blighter Surveillance Systems

East of England defence and security sector innovators are parading their technologies at a global showcase in the UK next week.

Blighter, the hi-tech tracking specialist, and HAV (Hybrid Air Vehicles) are among more than 30 companies from the region demonstrating their world-leading solutions at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI) in London from September 12-15.
DSEI brings together senior international trade and military experts from air, land, naval, security and joint sectors to innovate and share knowledge and represents the entire supply chain on an unrivalled scale.
In an age of increasingly complex challenges and global uncertainty, the UK’s defence and security SMEs are continually innovating to protect the country’s strategic interests and maintain robust defence and security capabilities.

Where defence ministries would traditionally seek to support their requirements solely through defence primes, they now look to the rich pool of innovative SMEs to uncover unique knowledge, skills and emerging capabilities, and the UK is leading the way in this regard.

Blighter is part of a consortium of three UK defence companies that will be showcasing the AUDS counter-UAV system. AUDs can detect, track, identify and defeat a drone in approximately 15 seconds at a range of up to 10km or six miles.

Using AUDS, the operator can effectively take control of a drone and force a safe landing. In June, Spanish defence chiefs chose the system to protect critical assets and personnel with an estimated €2 million contract.

Molecular Products – nominated as a ‘rising star’ by The Sunday Times ‘BDO Profit Track 100’ – will be exhibiting within the dedicated UK pavilion at DSEI, demonstrating a full range of advanced atmosphere conditioning, diving and CBRN filtration products, all of which offer personal protection in life critical applications to sustain a breathable atmosphere.

HAV (Hybrid Air Vehicles) are the world leaders in hybrid aircraft – these combine lighter-than-air technology with the best of aeroplanes and helicopters to bring brand new capabilities to aircraft.

They produce less noise, less pollution, have a lower carbon footprint, longer endurance and better cargo-carrying capacity than virtually any other flying vehicle.

In 2015 HAV won local government grants worth over £5m to continue their design and manufacture of lighter-than-air aircraft.

iTrinegy will be in the Innovation Hub area where it will be displaying its network emulation technology. This replicates real-world battlefield networks so that users can conduct comprehensive resilience testing of mission-critical applications prior to actual deployment.


Blighter Surveillance Systems will unveil new technology at DSEI. It is introducing a lower cost, entry level version of its Blighter B400 Series Doppler ground surveillance radar aimed specifically at airports and critical infrastructure sites such as oil/gas facilities, power stations or even palaces.

Mark Radford, Blighter’s CEO, said: “Our engineers have optimised the design of the new radar, the processing chain and the control software to better meet the needs of our critical infrastructure customers. We have re-engineered the Blighter B400 radar to get to a price point that is attractive to this market and that will deliver improved detection at a lower cost compared with CCTV, thermal imaging systems and low cost, short range mechanically scanned radars.”

Blighter B400 radars are already in use at many critical infrastructure sites including several major international airports in Europe, United States, South America and Africa. In the UK, a Blighter radar/camera surveillance system already forms part of the perimeter security solution at Heathrow airport.

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