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13 July, 2021 - 21:24 By Tony Quested

Intellegens unveils gamechanger for additive manufacturing

Cambridge AI software specialist Intellegens is launching a ready-to-go deep learning solution for additive manufacturers and 3D printing companies.

The new Alchemite™ AM Package – which includes machine learning software, analysis tools, and implementation services – is designed to help additive manufacturing teams get up-and-running, fast, and extract more value from expensively-acquired project data. 

The results of the analysis are used to improve the quality and reliability of AM-manufactured parts, while greatly reducing the need for testing.

AM has the potential to revolutionise manufacturing by creating complex metallic or plastic parts on-demand, layer-by-layer. The process can create products that have the required strength at a much lower weight. 

Applications include medical devices, aerospace components, and automotive parts. 

However, realising the promise of AM requires a lot of research. Companies need to understand how subtle alterations to raw material properties, machine setup, and factory conditions can change the consistency and performance of parts. It remains a difficult task to design AM processes that are reliable and repeatable – but the use of AI tools like Alchemite™ can help, Intellegens insists.

Intellegens’ Alchemite™ deep learning technology, originally developed in the University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory, is regarded as unique – generating useful computational models from real-world experimental data that is typical of AM projects. 

Where other machine learning techniques fail because data has gaps or is noisy – Alchemite™ is proven to succeed – accurately predicting the best material and process inputs to use to make a reliable AM part. 

The Intellegens approach has been validated in customer projects and through Project MEDAL, a collaboration with the UK Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and global aerospace giant Boeing, supported by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Program.

The launch of revolutionary nextgen technology follows a double award success for the company at the recent Additive Manufacturing Innovation Awards, organised by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 

The business won both the Best-in-Class Software and Startup Innovation Awards, in competition with an international field of 40 other technology providers.

Intellegens CEO Ben Pellegrini said: “Being recognised by the ASME additive manufacturing community is yet more evidence of the growing interest in applying our technology to AM. 

“We are responding by ensuring that our product and service portfolio is optimised to enable a fast start as we onboard more AM customers.”

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