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7 April, 2017 - 23:56 By Kate Sweeney

Telensa shifts manufacturing to UK from Asia

Cambridge technology company Telensa, a global front runner in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, is shifting production from Asia to the UK. 

After a strategic review of facilities around the world the company has selected the Sony Technology Centre in Pencoed, Wales.

The Pencoed facility, which has built a reputation for contract electronics manufacturing through its track record for quality and innovation, is set to produce Telensa’s market-leading smart city products following the company’s decision to move its production from Malaysia.

Telensa has a global footprint of over one million devices across the world, including wireless controls for one in ten of the UK’s streetlights. The company has grown its revenues by more than 50 per cent in each of the last two years, 45 per cent of which were from exports.

The Sony Centre in Wales will manufacture 250,000 wireless streetlight controllers a year by the end of 2017. This will create up to 30 new job opportunities for skilled workers in the area, a number which will continue to grow as production increases in the coming months.

Deployed in over 50 cities across the world, Telensa’s PLANet connected street lighting system consists of wireless control nodes, a city-owned Low Power Wide Area wireless network and a central management system.

PLANet pays for itself in energy and maintenance savings, future-proofs investments in LED technology, and provides a low-cost platform for smart city sensor apps such as parking control, refuse monitoring and air quality sensing.

Sony UK TEC produces thousands of HD broadcast and professional camera systems for global markets each year. It also manufactures state-of-the-art products for external businesses, including the UK’s best- selling computer of all time – the Raspberry Pi, which was also born in and is thriving globally from Cambridge.

Secretary of State for Business and Energy Greg Clark, said: “Telensa’s strategic decision to transfer manufacturing from Asia back to the UK further strengthens our position as a world leader in innovation and underlines our role as a global technology hub. 

“Its new base at Sony’s Technology Centre in Wales will boost our advanced manufacturing sector, creating the type of new high-skilled, well-paying jobs we are supporting through our Industrial Strategy.” 

Telensa CEO Will Franks, added: “Away from the hype of the IoT bubble, Telensa has been quietly achieving robust revenue growth year after year. Our applications save cities money, reduce their energy consumption and improve their citizens’ experience, using proven and highly scalable technology.

“Our partnership with Sony UK TEC is a vital part of our expansion into new smart city applications. In addition to their reputation for quality and long-term cost-effectiveness, Sony UK TEC’s proximity means they can add value at every stage of the product development process.”

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