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4 February, 2020 - 10:58 By Kate Sweeney

Ely office and warehouse complex sold for £1.1m

A major complex of nearly 10,000 sq ft on the Cambridgeshire Business Park in Ely has been sold for £1.1 million by Robinson Layer.

Formerly occupied by Melrose Press, it has been bought by a private investor to let to his company, Horizon Retail Marketing Solutions Ltd, which designs and produces innovative retail displays for world class brands and retailers.

Mark Robinson of Robinson Layer said: “Melrose House is a distinctive building constructed about 20 years ago with 4,700 sq ft of offices over two floors and a warehouse of 5,225 sq ft. I was originally responsible for advising the developer client on the freehold design-and-build project and sold the package to the former owner, who thereafter retained us to handle their ongoing commercial property matters.

“Over time, though, Melrose downsized and we let the surplus space to Coherent UK Ltd, one of the first occupiers of the Cambridge Science Park, who had moved to Ely five years earlier to another building constructed by the same developer client.

“Melrose Press closed at the end of 2018, having published biographical titles from in or around the University City of Cambridge for 50 years.

“When Coherent’s lease came to an end last year they moved to the Midlands and with the buildings becoming totally vacant we had the opportunity to market them for sale as a single package.”

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