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6 May, 2015 - 10:55 By Kate Sweeney

Huawei chooses Cambridge Science Park

Huawei chooses to site new Cambridge centre of excellence at Science Park

Chinese ICT giant Huawei has chosen to site its new Cambridge centre of excellence at the Science Park following its acquisition of IoT technology specialist Neul.

The iconic UK location was always Huawei’s first choice but no suitable space had become available until recently.

The company had been scouting other sites, including Cambourne and Cambridge Business Park – and even looked at some South Cambs business park space but now has its dream ticket.

Huawei bought IoT trailblazer Neul for $25 million last year. Neul positioned itself at the heart of the whole Internet of Things acceleration process and this was the attraction for Huawei, which is a world-leading ICT provider.

Neul had been seeking a major injection of capital without success but the then CEO Stan Boland exploited Huawei’s interest in the Internet of Things arena to negotiate a deal that is worth more to the ongoing evolution of the Cambridge cluster than the modest purchase price may suggest.

Huawei promised the UK government that it would invest as much as £1.3 billion in expanding  operations the UK where it has a number of facilities. A large slice of that investment will go into a Cambridge centre of IoT excellence shaped around the Neul acquisition.

Boland has now left Neul and former Cambridge Broadband CEO Peter Wharton will head the operation under a new title. Huawei has so far declined to elaborate on its expansion strategy for the business in Cambridge or its plans for the company’s Ipswich operations.

As reported last week, US tech titan Apple has also now begun to fit out its new Cambridge office and R & D space at 90 Hills Road but is giving no clues regarding numbers to be employed or the purpose of its venture in the UK’s innovation hotspot.

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