Q10 Talking Heads

  • XJTAG CEO Simon Payne

    XJTAG CEO, Simon Payne

    " Over the last decade we have a built up a very talented engineering team within the group - many of whom have a stake in the company - and we plan... Read More

  • Howard Biddle of 42 Technology

    "Consultancy is often the earliest indicator of a slowdown, because it’s a discretionary spend, but right now we are busier than ever." About 42... Read More

  • CEO of Bango, Ray Anderson

    "Profitability is very important to us at this stage in the business. After several years of investment in building our technology and systems and... Read More

  • Dr Mike Sanderson, managing director, 1Spatial

    "We believe the games playing generation will drive a demand for using the same devices that they use to play games at home as they navigate in the... Read More

  • Co-founder of CSR, Dr Phil O'Donovan talks about his latest venture, Camrivox

    " Skype is very much a person to person medium where a person can call another person cheaply, but it is not an answer to the business needs for... Read More

  • Cobra Beer's new CEO, Adrian McKeon

    "We’re hoping to double the size of the international business by 2009 and reach sales of 20 million cases in India, thus obtaining around a 10 per... Read More

  • Prof Chris Lowe, director of the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Biotechnology

    "Naively, I thought British companies would bite my hands off to gain access to this technology – sadly, after several frustrating years trying to... Read More

  • John Halfpenny, CEO at CMR Fuel Cells

    John Halfpenny, CEO at CMR Fuel Cells

    Backgrounder: Cited by Gordon Edge – the man behind technology powerhouses PA Consulting and the Generics Group – as one of Cambridge’s most exciting... Read More

  • Managing director of Black Pig, Sarah-Jane Higgins


    Backgrounder: Black Pig is one of the UK’s top 100 award-winning full service creative agencies with offices in Royston, Hertfordshire and Soho,... Read More

  • Managing director of Black Pig, Sarah-Jane Higgins


    Tony Quested poses 10 questions to Sarah-Jane Higgins, managing director of Black Pig   The company Black Pig is one of the UK’s top 100 award-... Read More

  • e2V chief executive, Keith Attwood

    Backgrounder: e2v is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of specialised components and subsystems, falling within two product groups:... Read More

  • Timestrip joint CEO, Paul Freedman

    Backgrounder: Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Timestrip designs and manufactures ‘intelligent’ disposable labels containing a liquid that migrates... Read More

  • Asterand CEO, Martyn Coombs

    Martyn Coombs, CEO at human tissue specialist, Asterand says that his company can concentrate on growth after the recent termination of takeover... Read More

  • DaweVision CEO, Peter Dawe

    Internet pioneer, Peter Dawe pulls no punches as he discusses his latest venture - DaweVision. Backgrounder: DaweVision was founded in 2005 to... Read More

  • CamSemi CEO, David Baillie

    Fresh from his success in helping to raise $26m for Green semiconductor outfit, CamSemi, David Baillie fields this week's ten questions.... Read More

  • Derek Buchanan, CEO of Episys

    Episys is a global information technology solutions and services company to the retail, manufacturing, logistics, chemical, healthcare and public... Read More

  • Mark Gostick, CEO of Liquavista

    Liquavista was founded in 2006 to develop products using its patented HEOS display technology. Based on a decade of work done inside Philips Research... Read More

  • Camcon CEO, Danny Chapchal

    Camcon is an Intellectual Property company, founded in 2000, that was established to commercialise its binary actuating technology, a new class of bi... Read More

  • Antenova CEO, Greg McCray

    Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of high performance antennas and RF antenna modules for mobile handsets, portable devices and laptop... Read More

  • Thak Patel of THINKindia

    THINKindia was formed in Cambridge in 2006 and helps UK businesses access India as a strategic destination for Joint Ventures, collaborations, access... Read More