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19 August, 2020 - 20:49 By Tony Quested

Blake bids to fast-track Enval growth

Cambridgeshire-based CleanTech business Enval has appointed recycling industry specialist Jez Blake to accelerate further growth.

Blake joins the management team to steer future operations: Enval makes previously unrecyclable packaging valuable and environmentally responsible.

The company, based near Huntingdon, uses a unique proprietary pyrolysis  technology for treating low-density packaging waste. By applying cutting-edge innovation to packaging recycling, Enval is paving the way for environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Blake joins Enval with over 10 years’ experience in the circular economy sector. Prior to joining Enval, he worked at Viridor, where he was head of recycling assets specialising in polymers.  

He has a demonstrated history of working at the intersection of renewables and environmental technologies plus has a strong dedication towards implementing sustainable solutions for pressing issues such as plastic waste. 

These skills make him a crucial addition to the Enval team, at a time when an increasing number of FMCGs, plastic producers, packaging companies and waste handlers are looking for game-changing solutions to tackle plastic waste issues.

Enval CEO Dr Carlos Ludlow-Palafox said: “Treating plastic better enables the recycling of valuable resources and paves the way for environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

“With Jez’s extensive track record in the industry we can further empower FMCGs to strengthen profitable and sustainable brands while complying with new regulations and open up new revenue streams for our partners in the supply chain: plastic producers, packaging companies and waste handlers.”

Blake added: “Enval is changing the perception of plastic and unlocking a profitable circular economy. I’m confident our solution is a game-changer for FMCGs and waste handlers. Together, we’ll contribute to a sustainable and circular future.

“I see many opportunities in food packaging innovations, as FMCGs continue to opt for solutions that prevent food waste and improve shelf life while guaranteeing an effective and correct waste treatment of packaging.”

The Enval story began in 1997 when Professor Howard Chase from the University of Cambridge started investigating environmental applications for the microwave heating of carbon. 

Joining Professor Chase for his PhD, Ludlow-Palafox conducted substantial research into microwave-induced pyrolysis for plastics.

The next few years saw a successful worldwide patent application and the founding of Enval Ltd in 2006. By 2010, a pilot plant had been constructed with Enval also securing significant investment from major multinational brands. Following this, work began on the first commercial demonstration plant for  the Enval process which was completed in 2018.

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