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20 September, 2018 - 11:07 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge gene genies triple headcount after Series A

Evonetix in Cambridge, which is pioneering an innovative approach to scalable and high-fidelity gene synthesis, has tripled headcount following its recent $12.3m Series A round.

The appointments include physicists, electrical, mechanical and software engineers, chemists and biologists, bringing the workforce to 34. 

The growth of Evonetix’s technical and scientific team is part of its strategy to revolutionise gene synthesis by developing a novel, silicon-based gene synthesis device that will deliver high-fidelity gene-length DNA at scale.

By directing the synthesis of DNA at many sites in parallel, followed by an integrated error-detection process throughout the assembly process, Evonetix’s platform facilitates the synthesis of high-fidelity, long DNA molecules at scale, including challenging sequences with high GC-content or repeats. 

The company’s approach to gene synthesis has the potential to enable many applications in the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology, from the development of novel pharmaceuticals, to industrial biotech, renewable fuels, agriculture and potentially digital data storage.

Evonetix CEO, Tim Brears said: “These appointments form part of our ambitious growth plans and mission to further advance our innovative and disruptive gene synthesis technology, to facilitate the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology, where scale and high fidelity will be essential. 

“Following our recent fundraising, we’re investing in key technical and scientific roles as planned, and we are excited to welcome the new members of our multidisciplinary team.”

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