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2 January, 2019 - 15:12 By Tony Quested

Former Intel exec to lead Arm’s automotive charge

Former Intel and Texas Instruments executive Dipti Vachani has joined Arm to lead its automotive and embedded business.

As senior vice president and general manager for automotive and embedded at Arm, Vachani will be responsible for all aspects of strategy, business management, engineering and sales for the automotive and embedded group.

Vachani joins the Intellectual Property Group (IPG) leadership team reporting to Rene Haas, EVP and president of IPG, and will be based in San Jose.

“I am thrilled that Dipti is joining our team to take the helm as we lead the industry in redefining compute for automotive and embedded intelligence,” said Rene Haas, president, IP Products Group, Arm. “She shares our belief that Arm will be everywhere compute happens in a world of a trillion connected devices and has a passion for accelerating the adoption of disruptive technologies at the edge.”

Vachani said: “I have been in the semiconductor industry for 20+ years and I have never seen a surge in compute like the one happening now. Access to efficient, powerful computing has created entirely new definitions for what a computing device is, catalyzing new transformative opportunities to change the way we live.

“Having worked at Texas Instruments, and most recently at Intel where I was VP and GM in its IoT group, I’ve observed that Arm truly is everywhere compute happens. 

“Arm IP will be the compute foundation for these transformative opportunities driven by the convergence at the edge of multiple advanced technologies like IoT, machine learning and 5G. Today, I’m excited to announce that I’m now in the heart of this unprecedented compute convergence leading Arm’s automotive and embedded business.

“Autonomous driving is one of the biggest transformative opportunities for this convergence of edge intelligence, and it’s something I’m personally quite passionate about because I truly believe eliminating human error in vehicles will make our roads safer. 

“Leading Arm’s automotive business gives me a unique opportunity to be in the proverbial driver’s seat in helping make mass market deployment of fully-autonomous vehicles a reality.

“For successful mass deployment of autonomous vehicles, consumers need to trust the systems in their cars are safe. This of course means safety cannot be an afterthought when designing automotive IP. For some, achieving this may require a wholesale shift in their mindset in designing automotive compute. However, Arm has prioritized safety for years in designing processors for automotive applications. 

“All you need to do is look at our automotive roadmap based on our “safety first” guiding principle for designing autonomous-class IP and our Safety Ready Program to see that safety truly scales the full portfolio of Arm automotive IP and supporting software and tools.”

“We’re seeing new definitions for what a compute device is. Nothing exemplifies this more than our cars which are evolving into the world’s most sophisticated IoT endpoints thanks to increasing amounts of embedded intelligence. 

“No one can address the bumper-to-bumper compute requirements like Arm and its ecosystem, from the ultra-efficient Cortex-M processors to our new autonomous-class Cortex-A76AE processor with split-lock technology.

“My colleague Drew Henry, who runs our infrastructure business, recently said that Arm is sending disruptive shockwaves across the cloud, networking and storage worlds with the new Arm Neoverse family. 

“Those disruptive shockwaves actually go beyond Neoverse and apply to any market Arm addresses. I’m looking forward to playing a critical role in amplifying those shockwaves across our automotive and embedded businesses.”

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