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21 November, 2021 - 21:13 By Tony Quested

FXhome dangles £100k salary bait for one job in major hire-fest

Norwich-based technology gazelle FXhome is spending big and hiring fast. The company, which was acquired in July by Artlist in Israel, plans to double headcount in the next six months and to triple the number of employees by the end of 2022.

One of the new roles – a senior front end developer – carries a salary of more than £100,000, dependent on experience.

Positions will span some of the most advanced and well paid of all posts in the tech arena, creating accessible tools for the next generation of video creatives. The roles include software developers, QA, frontend, UX and more to come in future weeks.

CEO Josh Davies has commissioned Langham Recruitment to work in partnership with Artlist’s Norwich leadership team.

Successful candidates will help the business continue its impressive track record in producing cutting-edge tech tools which help creatives around the world to bring their ideas to life through video and software.

FXhome began life in 2001 when founder Josh Davies – who grew up in Norfolk – created a solution to add lightsabers to video footage.

Artlist, meanwhile, has revolutionised the film-making industry since 2016, offering a subscription-based model for video projects which benefits millions of tech creatives.

Josh, a UEA graduate and multiple award winner, said: “This feels like the ultimate gift to Norfolk, from a business like ours. We’re creating the opportunity for a number of passionate and talented developers to be part of something which has global impact in enabling entrepreneurial creatives to produce sensational content.

“Our role, right from the outset, has always been in developing the tools which allow the imaginations of others to go further.

“Partnering with Langham Recruitment for this major drive means we can make so many great things happen right here, in the county where I learned my skills and where I went to school, and where so many young people might be aspiring to be in high end tech jobs – but who have previously felt they need to leave the region.

“I am convinced we have incredible talent right here on our doorstep to be part of the global movement which Artlist delivers, and I’m so pleased that we’re able to provide the opportunity for those who share the passion which first placed me at the heart of this incredibly exciting industry.”  

A number of tech and business leaders have praised FXhome for the bold expansion blueprint. 

Tim Robinson, CEO Tech East, said: “From Tel Aviv to Norwich via Silicon Valley! In the world of tech startups talent is king and investment is queen. So, when I heard that Norwich’s FXhome had been acquired by Israeli content creation scaleup Artlist it seemed like good news for Norwich’s blossoming startup ecosystem.

“Now we see that international investment coming good with a hiring drive of well paid tech jobs in the city – the surest sign of investor confidence there is.”

• PHOTOGRAPH: FXhome CEO Josh Davies (left) with James Ford, Delivery Team Manager for Langham Recruitment. Photograph by Warren Page (PagePix)

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