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25 February, 2019 - 17:52 By Tony Quested

High flyer boosts Stansted’s engagement with corporates

Former RAF cadet and HM Treasury intern Katherine Ritchie has been appointed Corporate Development Manager at London Stansted Airport.

The high flyer has been a valued member of the commercial team and steps up as Stansted intensifies its efforts to attract direct routes from China, India and the United States.

As part of her role Ritchie engages with major corporates who see Stansted as a leading player in economic success and champions the services and facilities at the airport. This involves building and extending relationships with local, regional and national companies and overseeing corporate partnerships.

She said: “The team is thrilled that the corporate community appreciates the value of Stansted Airport to their own businesses as they scale internationally.

“The message coming back from corporates is that we have significantly enhanced our reputation globally under MAG’s inspired management and multimillion pound investment programme.

“We are not just a Ryanair-dominated airport any longer. The arrival of Emirates with its hub and spoke global service has been a massive plus for London Stansted. The airline is doing really well here. The growth of our routes across Europe has been incredible in the last five years and the plans for new and further long haul services is really exciting.

“There is a lot of potential business still out there for Stansted across the world and we have been tremendously encouraged by the willingness of global carriers to engage in meaningful dialogue with us.”

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