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18 September, 2019 - 14:50 By Kate Sweeney

Key hires to drive Repositive scale-up

Slaven Stekovic of Repositive

Repositive – a Cambridge-based startup that connects researchers with the right preclinical cancer models for their research – has appointed Slaven Stekovic as head of strategic growth and recruited leading commercial experts Mariana Vaschetto and Francesca Crawford to its advisory board.

The new hires will help to drive the company’s scale-up and global growth ambitions within the pharma and biotech market. 

In partnership with AstraZeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim, Repositive launched its innovative Cancer Models Platform in 2018 to help pharma and biotech quickly and easily find the right cancer model for their preclinical studies, enhancing the predictivity and reliability of their research. 

By partnering with 19 specialist contract research organisations around the world, including Antineo, Shanghai LIDE and Xentech, Repositive is now the world’s largest directory of preclinical cancer models and currently catalogues over 5,300 cancer models from its partner CROs on the Repositive platform. 

The company is now scaling its commercial offering to pharma and biotech companies globally. To support the company through this rapid growth period, Repositive has appointed serial entrepreneur Dr Stekovic, as head of strategic growth. 

With experience in marketing, sales and tech commercialisation, Slaven has founded several startups within the pharma industry, including The Longevity Labs (TLL) – an Austrian pharmaceutical company specialising in anti-aging and rejuvenation strategies. 

Slaven’s marketing and product placement strategy, along with his executive plan grew the company to over €1 million of revenue in its first year on the market. 

He has also worked as senior innovation consultant and team lead at Science Park Graz - the biggest high-tech startup incubator in Austria. His consulting experience includes working with the Fortenova Group, product and business development of a classified project for Google Inc, and providing support to dozens of tech startups as a team lead and senior innovation consultant at Science Park Graz. He has won several business and innovation awards and was listed on Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017.  

Repositive has also appointed leading commercial experts, Mariana Vaschetto and Francesca Crawford to its advisory board to further support the company’s global growth ambitions. 

Dr Vaschetto has a track record of excellence in product marketing, branding, as well as commercial strategy and development for significant players in biotech, informatics and software solutions, including Accelrys (now Biovia), PerkinElmer and Dotmatics. 

Mariana is currently the head of EMEA/AP Operations for Collaborative Drug Discovery and a director of Cambridge Agile Solutions. 

CEO of University College London spinouts, SomaNautix and SomaServe, Dr. Crawford has a wealth of experience leading companies within the contract research and drug development sector. 

The serial entrepreneur’s portfolio features the growth of several life science companies, including Altacor, Spirogen and Sirus Pharmaceuticals. A PhD clinical pharmacologist, she began her career in clinical research before holding several senior posts in startup ventures where she built IP portfolios to add value and protection to product pipelines.

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