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1 November, 2019 - 01:15 By Kate Sweeney

New AI innovation centre appoints Greek academic

The new Essex Artificial Intelligence Innovation Centre established by TWI Ltd and the University of Essex, has appointed Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Chatzakos as director. aims to develop a financially sustainable research facility for AI, drawing on the iniversity’s existing strengths to complement and underpin the applied research and development activities of TWI.

Panos’ strong academic background and vast practical experience in data science, robotic technology and systems integration will help realise the centre’s mission to build adaptable and autonomous systems that are deployable across different industries and help people and machines perform smarter, faster and more safely.

Panos holds a Mechanical Engineering Diploma, a Master’s degree and a PhD, all from the National Technical University of Athens. 

He has collaborated extensively with industry on applied research, recruiting and managing teams of scientists and engineers that have developed and delivered over 70 joint research projects with hundreds of SME companies, major end-users, research organisations and universities across Europe.

Panos’ research and work are recognised globally, with his science publications and industrial designs having received several prizes and awards for excellence internationally.

Panos said: “My goal is to go beyond advanced information processing and enable the physical functions that AI can now manage to put AI into practice.  

“This includes the development of actual hardware that is differentiated by advanced software, such as mechatronic systems where sensing and actuation are closely coupled with cognitive systems, to deliver improved control, motion, interaction, adaptation and learning.”

• PHOTOGRAPH: Dr Panagiotis Chatzakos, Essex Artificial Intelligence Innovation Centre

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