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23 June, 2016 - 14:42 By Tony Quested

ThisWay Global in talks with Fortune 500 companies in Florida

Angela Hood of ThisWay Global

Cambridge UK company, ThisWay Global, has opened up potential blue chip clients in the US three months before setting up a base there to market its smart recruitment app.

Angela Hood (pictured), founder and CEO of the startup, is part of a 10-person delegation to Orlando, Florida, this week where she was pitching for business to 240 Fortune 500 companies. She was part of a select UK and European delegation invited to attend The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) international conference.

ThisWay Global, which has UK offices in Cambridge, Newmarket and London, will set up in the US in September before scanning other new horizons.
Hood has pioneered a cost effective web/mobile app platform, ‘GPS for hiring’, which she says “reduces the hiring fatigue at every level.”

ThisWay is raising $1.5 million and looking to scale globally to help close a yawning disconnect between employers and job seekers across a vast range of sectors. It will open in Texas in September but Cambridge UK will remain the R & D nervecentre.

The business was founded after more than two years of R & D and incubation at Cambridge University’s ideaSpace. The resulting technology is said to be far more advanced than existing hiring platforms and enables innovation through improved hiring. It matches individuals to the jobs they were meant for, based on hundreds of thousands of data points that are often overlooked by others.

Hood said: “When people are happy at work, they are more engaged, increasing the return on investment by more than 14 per cent. And when the individual enjoys their job, their colleagues and a business culture where they can thrive, they too benefit from far less stress and a feeling of real purpose in their life.

“In the US there are many programmes that help smaller businesses compete more favourably for large private and government contracts. One of the more successful programmes is WBENC and that same initiative is now gaining ground internationally through a programme called WeConnect.”

Earlier in her career, American Hood had many positive WBENC experiences during her work with Marriott, US Dept of Navy and Corps of Engineers projects. Having seen the positive influence that WBENC offers its certified members, Hood made ThisWay’s certification a priority for 2016.

Within weeks of completing the certification audit and being awarded with this special designation, the benefits became evident. ThisWay was invited to meet with Dell, sat on a panel with sector leaders such as GlassDoor and LinkedIn – just acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion – and has begun to work with leading business consultants to Fortune 1000 companies.

ThisWay is now in discussions with top-level executives of Fortune 500 companies from across the globe at the Florida summit.

“Each of these companies has expressed a specific interest in developing unbiased and more diverse teams inside their organisations,” says Hood.

“As ThisWay is now in private beta we are also letting these early adopters help inform the product team so that the most urgently needed features are developed and delivered first.
“With our app, employers find the people they need. Willing and able workers find the jobs that best suit their potential. And it’s all made possible by leveraging fighter jet technology and proven Cambridge University developed algorithms.”

Hood left the world of engineering and architecture to lead research with PhDs in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data modelling.

ThisWay’s resulting technology uses the best of gaming, fintech and data science to help reduce bias, add diversity and strengthen existing teams, all at a fraction of the cost and time, whilst also providing people with desired data privacy and control.

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