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16 January, 2019 - 13:10 By Kate Sweeney

Arm launches data management solution for retail industry

Arm has unveiled an innovative solution that enables retailers to securely consolidate, unify and manage previously siloed digital customer data and physical in-store IoT data to provide more personalised offers, build brand loyalty and drive better operations.

The solution combines Arm’s Pelion IoT and Treasure Data customer data platform to help retailers break down data silos and obtain a holistic view of their shopper’s path to purchase. 

The magic happens when all of the customer data and in-store IoT data is responsibly collected, unified and made accessible to the right stakeholders. Charlene Marini, Arm’s vice-president of ISG Strategy, explained the technology at a New York showcase.

She said: “While ecommerce has become an important engagement channel and continues to grow (up 24.8 per cent in the past year according to eMarketer), the physical store is still king when it comes to big chain retail. 

“According to the same study, nearly 90 per cent of global retail revenue still comes from physical store locations. In reality, it doesn’t need to be an either-or situation for retailers. 

“Solutions that combine the Internet of Things and customer data platforms can help retailers eliminate silos between physical in-store data and digital customer data to drive more personalised customer experiences, lower costs and increase sales.

“Retailers are increasingly equipping stores with IoT sensors, beacons and cameras, to capture information about how shoppers engage with store items and brands, according to a recent SJC report. 

“However, these deployments need to be able to easily scale across the retailer’s physical store environments. Also, the IoT data is only useful if it can be combined with other disparate customer data sources – such as web, mobile, email and social.

“The Arm Retail solution enables merchandisers to hyperlocalise items in the store based on shopper preferences. Retail store operations can optimise store layout, item placement and store associates’ priorities based on inferences drawn from real-time data on metrics such as item popularity/SKU velocity, aisle traffic, dwell time, etc. 

“Retailers can also personalise their marketing campaigns to deliver new value to their shoppers. For example, a retailer can provide a personalised in-store advertisement for a type of apparel through an aisle digital signage based on the shopper’s online interest in the product.

“The solution also seamlessly integrates with retailers’ existing systems and software, including those from Arm’s partner Reflexis, the world leader in store execution software solutions used by more than 250 retailers globally.”

To discover more visit //retailsolution [at]" target="_blank">retailsolution [at]

• PHOTOGRAPH: Charlene Marini, Arm’s vice-president of ISG Strategy

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