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12 January, 2014 - 21:30 By News Desk

Dragons Den reject showered with offers


Norfolk inventor and Dragon’s Den contestant, Alan Wright, who successfully launched a Shower Power Booster to stop the common problem of dribbly taps and showers, has now launched an automatic version of the pioneering energy-saving product.

The new version of the Shower Power Booster, despite receiving no investment from the Dragons, has been developed using a €20,000 cash prize from Imperial College London.

The ‘Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster’ has the same reliability as the manual version, but instantly reacts to water flow when a tap is turned on or off.

Sales of £1,000 a day have been achieved since the launch of the pump last month, with over 300 of the new pumps sold so far.

Due to the increase in demand, and in preparation for an export programme, assembly of the pumps will be moved from Wright’s home in Thorpe to a 100,000m2 factory complex owned by Flowflex in Derbyshire this month.

To meet the volume of orders, Flowflex has set up an assembly line to manufacture the pumps. Flowflex earlier agreed a licensing and manufacturing deal in the UK.

As well as product sales from the UK, Europe and across the world in areas including the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, Wright is working with the ‘European Business and Technology Centre’ and UKTI to target and support international export markets.

India is the first area being visited as part of this programme with Wright set to travel to the country to help tackle climate change challenges and recommend the Shower Power Booster to help address the country’s problems with energy and water saving.

The trip will be the first of many to promote this amazing product and will be part funded by the ‘Climate Kic’ programme and UKTI.

Wright said: “I have nursed the product from invention to early production and development, but due to demand and international plans it’s time to hand over to Flowflex.

“It means that I can focus on marketing this product abroad and inventing new products, but I am determined to keep control of this quality product and continue to manufacture it in the UK.

“My long term vision is for international markets to produce the pump locally for their own market, and entering these markets with an established UK product helps enormously.

“The primary market is consumers with water pressure problems in homes. It is so simple to install and I am confident that anyone with a bit of DIY knowledge can fit it themselves in 15 minutes or less, and say goodbye to dribbly taps and showers.”

The Shower Power Booster can provide enough pressure flow to improve every tap and shower in the home using one single pump 1/20th the size of most pumps doing the same job.

Designed to give a proper shower and fix problems associated with low water pressure, it is easy to install, is very quiet, and is ideal for people who feel their shower or tap lacks power.


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