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25 June, 2015 - 14:05 By Kate Sweeney

Ellexus founder inspires Croatia women entrepreneurs initiative

Rosemary Francis of Ellexus

Dr Rosemary Francis, founder of growing software company Ellexus, recently delivered the keynote address at an event promoting women entrepreneurship and innovation in Zagreb, Croatia. 

The roundtable was organised by the British Embassy Zagreb in partnership with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, British Business Centre Croatia and Development Agency Zagreb to inspire more women to follow in the footsteps of international role models. This is especially important right now, according to the British Embassy, as Croatia is in its sixth year of recession and many young women are unemployed.

Dr Francis, whose company is based at St John’s Innovation Centre (SJIC) in Cambridge, said: “It was an excellent opportunity to speak at an internationally recognised event alongside British and Croatian women with careers spanning the globe. 

“I spoke about the journey of Ellexus and the collaboration and support I’ve received from universities across Europe as well as from commercial organisations and government schemes. Central to that support has been the facilities, training and community offered by St John’s Innovation Centre and I wish to thank them for nominating me for this speaking role.”

David Gill, managing director at SJIC, added: “I am delighted to see Ellexus continue to grow into a successful business with a customer portfolio comprising multinational companies. We have always supported our ambitious tenants here at SJIC to reach out to a global market. 

“When we were approached to nominate a female keynote speaker we could not think of a better person than Rosemary who started up a very small enterprise in St John’s Innovation Centre and seen it grow to become a success story with multinational clients.”

The UK-Croatia event focused on methods to inspire more women into business where Dr Francis discussed her own personal journey, including the coaching she has been involved in at the Judge Business School in the area of women in business. 

Dr Francis added: “It was an opportunity to celebrate some of the many advantages women-run businesses have in terms of improving long-term employment and growing stable economies.” 

Dr Francis was among other successful female entrepreneurs who presented inspirational stories to a wide group of women from all walks of life, including business people, government officials, academics and media professionals. Among other subjects they also spoke on the role of universities and science in bringing innovative ideas to market. 

Over the last five years Dr Francis has led Ellexus to become an established provider of software to the chip design and bioinformatics sectors. Engineers and IT departments across the world use the company’s inaugural product Breeze, a system debugger that gathers information about a company’s IT infrastructure in order to highlight configuration problems. Customers include ARM Holdings, Cancer Research and Mentor Graphics. 

Ellexus was recently awarded a significant contract to develop the technology used in Breeze to create a new product, Mistral, which will solve the ‘noisy neighbour problem’ – when there is too much activity in a storage cluster, which can bring a whole system down and halt development work for some time. 

By improving the performance and reliability of high performance computing clusters, Mistral will save users millions of pounds each year in lost engineering time and wasted resources.

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Dr Rosemary Francis delivering her address at the event

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