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10 November, 2016 - 09:25 By Kate Sweeney

LA influential as former Disney animator inspires new wave of startups

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As a former Disney animation developer in Los Angeles, John Williams knows the difference between a Mickey Mouse outfit and a Road Runner in terms of genuine business gazelles.

Having inspired a string of innovative startups with his passion and pedigree, Williams will be sharing his tips for success with budding Cambridge entrepreneurs next week (November 15).

The founder of The Ideas Lab London Ltd forms a twin spearhead with Carrie Bedingfield, founder of marketing powerhouse Onefish Twofish, addressing the Enterprise Tuesday event run by Cambridge University Judge Business School at the Department of Engineering, starting 6.30pm. Their theme is ‘Laying the foundation for creativity early.’

Williams and Bedingfield are entrepreneurs who have successfully realised their visions and are passionate about helping others do so – creatively and with impact.

Creativity goes well beyond designing a product. It is critical for every step of the entrepreneurial process, be it product design, business model choice, routes to market decisions, attracting and managing partners, recruiting employees etc.

Collectively John and Carrie have supported and inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to think creatively and critically about the best ways to take their businesses to market.
Williams told Business Weekly: “If you don’t know how to make ideas happen you risk ending up the minimum-wage employee of someone who does.”

Williams started his career in creative technology as a developer on pioneering special effects software, including on-site work at Disney Feature Animation, LA, and broadcast automation.

He became digital media CTO at a European startup incubator before moving to head up a small media technology consultancy team at Deloitte.

He left to consult independently to broadcasters around the world before founding The Ideas Lab and writing his bestselling book ‘Screw Work Let's Play: How to do what you love & get paid for it.’

It was a UK bestseller and has since been translated into nine languages. His latest book, ‘Screw Work Break Free,’ is about how to launch an idea in 30 days.

The Ideas Lab runs online programmes with hundreds of people launching their own idea in 30 days and he consults with startups on their propositions and marketing.

Williams adds: “We're passionate about ideas – because one good idea, well executed, can change the world.”

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