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16 May, 2016 - 11:33 By Kate Sweeney

Medical technology right on CUE

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Novel medical technology scooped the £7.5k Best Life Science Business prize at the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs grand finale.

NG-Safe is developing a rapid point-of-care device that helps clinicians verify the safe placement of nasogastric feeding tubes in the stomach.
This safety check is critical to avoid potentially lethal misplacement in the lung.

A spokesman for the winners said: “Our biochemical test addresses the unmet clinical need for an intermediate between existing options – the lengthy and expensive ‘gold standard’ X-ray procedure and the convenient but low-confidence pH testing of gastric aspirates.”

The £5k Science & Technology winner was Chitinator, which manufactures high-quality chitin and chitosan from crustacean shell waste for existing and future biomedical applications.

WaterScope won the £5k Social Enterprise category: It is introducing a fast, low-cost bacteria test that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Its small, inexpensive microscope can detect single bacteria and produce quantative results in under two hours – significantly faster than any tests available. Digital images can be acquired instantly enabling users to map water quality in real time.

Tenoke was the £5k Software prizewinner. It has developed a software, branded SPACE, to automatically and precisely assess plaque vulnerability to predict the risk of stroke for asymptomatic patients. Team Vocalens, which is unlocking the full potential of people with visual impairment through technology for reading aloud, was awarded six months of complimentary desk space at the Allia Future Business Centre.

Finalists who pushed the eventual winners close were EmpathiX, Entomics, OneTest, Favalley, NewsHub, Spoorex and verbose, whose ideas were featured in Business Weekly’s preview of the grande finale.

A panel of angel investors formed by Dr Darrin Disley, CEO of Horizon Discovery and a serial investor and mentor for young businesses, Rahul Vohra and Paul Higgins, also awarded the Angel Panel Prize of £1k to DeepEye.

The venture has developed a novel machine learning approach that leverages the power of deep neural networks to identify clinically relevant features in retinal images of patients suffering from diabetes and grade them accordingly.

CUE, together with Dr Disley’s Carpe Diem enterprise, also identified four individuals who demonstrated the ambition, determination and vision to pursue a lifelong career of becoming an entrepreneur.

It awarded £1.5k to Jade Leung (Social Enterpreneurship), Sean Heisler (Business), Patrick Short (Life Science) and Aleksi Tukianen (Technology).

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