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9 May, 2022 - 16:32 By Tony Quested

o2h launches first influencer tech bootcamp

Cambridge’s reputation as a global technology gamechanger is set for an exciting new uptick through the launch of a novel influencer bootcamp.

The mastermind of the initiative is o2h co-work labs, a business unit of o2h Group, which is claiming the two-day event as a “first-ever.”

Top executives, investors and other influencers from the cluster will whip up a brainstorm to help inspire more exciting technologies to world-class status.

The event will be held on May 24 and 25 at the newly renovated Hauxton House at the Mill SciTech Park where o2h co-work labs is building a community of creators spanning life science, technology and green innovation.

Prashant Shah, CEO of o2h co-work labs, said: “Hauxton House is again hosting its signature influencer bootcamp, this time in tech, overflowing with ideas, experience and intense conversations between entrepreneurs, big business, venture, academia and policymakers.”

Looking far beyond traditional ‘startup’ skills, o2h co-work labs is bringing together a dozen influencers covering the quintet of (1) Techies, (2) Tech CXOs, (3) Big Tech, (4) Academia/Profs & Govt and (5) Incubators & Seed/VCs. 

It is looking to share live grassroots experiences through influencers who have demonstrated a hard stake in shaping the future of technology sectors and where they intersect with AI, Life Science and Greentech.
Fiona Nielsen, CEO of o2h technology, said: “We are honoured to be able to welcome this incredible dozen inspiring minds to ignite debate and knowledge sharing for tech, benefiting our community in and around the Cambridge startup scene”

The event, which is invite-only, runs from 9 am to 2.30 pm both days. The content will include an eclectic pedagogy of high-intensity expert subject tours, masterclasses, personal stories, workshops, Q & A, and debates covering the eight zones of (A) Business & Economy, (B) Software & Hardware, (C) Strategy, Operations & Team, (D) AI & Tech, (E) Customers & Investors (F) Deals & Exits (G) Innovation & Creativity (H) Cambridge & World Domination.

Attendees amongst others will include Alessandro Riccombeni, National Genomics Officer at Microsoft; Ian Lane, Partner at Cambridge Innovation Capital; Martin Jackson, VP Engineering at 8power Ltd; Szabolcs Nagy, CEO, co-founder at Turbine Ltd; Goncalo de Vasconcelos, CEO of Rnwl; Jamie Urquhart, Venture Partner at Pond Venture Partners Ltd; Jessica Ocampos, tech founder and innovation policy expert at Camnexus IoT; Martin Rigby, venture investor at ET Capital Ltd; Andrei Kirilenko, founding director of the Cambridge Centre for Finance, Technology & Regulation.

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