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30 August, 2018 - 22:30 By Tony Quested

Plant specialist puts down roots at Bradfield Centre in Cambridge

Rushca Mars Cambridge Plants

While The Bradfield Centre at Cambridge Science Park has swiftly developed a reputation for attracting globally ambitious technology businesses, the co-working citadel is also well blessed for services companies among its growing tenant base.

One of the latest is The Good Plant Company run by Ruscha Mars who has many years experience helping to make working environments healthier, more stimulating and productive for some of the largest and most influential companies in the technology and life science cluster. Her background in working with Cambridge’s great and good corporates has given her a flying start in her new venture.

Ruscha said: “We bring really good plants to companies in and around Cambridge. Working closely with clients we design imaginative and fresh installations which we sell or rent, install and look after. We’re currently working on some brilliant Christmas tree designs which our team of experienced decorators will bring to life.”

Most of the company’s core business is close to Cambridge, but the company is already branching out. “We’re currently designing a large project in Dublin,” Ruscha says.

The Bradfield Centre was chosen as The Good Plant Company’s base for “its vibrancy, friendliness as well as its super cool interior! It is the perfect setting for dramatic and sensitive plant displays and it provides a nurturing environment for my startup company.”

Rushca added: “I have been working in the plant industry based in Cambridge for several years before recently setting up my own company. With an emphasis on design, we will select plants and containers that suit a company's overall aesthetic branding and chime with their staff and visitor demographic. 

“The modern workplace is changing to accommodate different styles of operation and there are huge developments in what's possible in office planting – using walls, ceilings and cabinet tops, as well as traditional floor standing plants.
“A gaming company full of millennials, for example, will require a different type of plant scheme to, say, a solicitor's office.

“There is a lot more understanding these days about the productivity and health benefits of plants in the workplace and companies who are keen to keep their staff happy are increasingly turning to 'biophilic design' where nature is incorporated from the outset in the architectural design.
“The Bradfield Centre is a prime example; as well as being full of plants inside, it backs onto the most beautiful view of nature with trees and a lake, all constantly visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows in place on all floors.  

“In addition to building my company, I have all sorts of creative ideas for the future and will be expanding the brand to offer some exciting new services.”

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