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27 June, 2018 - 16:00 By Tony Quested

Tech tyros raising £15.3m in Cambridge Pitchfest

A cohort of 15 exciting young technology businesses collectively seeking to raise around £15.3 million go head-to-head in Cambridge tomorrow in the Pitchfest 2018 Showcase Day at St John’s Innovation Centre.

It is the culmination of a programme delivered by Enterprise Europe Network in partnership with Knowledge Transfer Network and allows selected finalists to pitch their innovation to investors. The networking opportunity is also prodigious.

UK companies with innovative products and services with potential to scale – or are already scaling – have come through the programme to make tomorrow’s climax.

Seven of the finalists are from Cambridge, two from Bedfordshire, four from London and one each from Esher (Surrey) and Bristol.

The companies pitching and their area of expertise are as follows.

CorrosionRADAR (Cambridge): New distributed sensing system for corrosion management and prediction for smart infrastructure –

OrxaGrid Ltd (London): Develops sensors and predictive solutions that help electric grids reduce losses and increase efficiency –

Imaged Reality (Esher, Surrey): Its 3D Gaia integrates virtual reality and drone technology for immersive learning and remote collaboration in the Oil & Gas industry –

Zellabox Ltd (Bristol): Micro data centres – small, secure and easily managed smart enclosures for IT equipment –

Briteyellow Ltd (Cranfield, Beds): Wireless geolocation technology company that helps facility owners and operators who need better footfall, wayfinding or asset tracking to create ‘smart places’ that foster better insight, engagement and interactions through the company’s 3D software and IoT platform –

Nolojy Ltd (Cambridge): Nolojy helps organisations build pictures of themselves and their environments –

TEA REX (London): A revolutionary fruit tea made only of fresh, not dehydrated, fruits and roots –

CamNexus Ltd (Cambridge): Technology transfer platform that responds to the technological needs of clients in developing regions looking for sustainable development through digitalisation and smart transformation in key productive sectors –

ANB Sensors (Cambridge):  Cost-effective, self-calibrating and low maintenance pH sensor for ocean monitoring and water resource management that can be networked for use in IoT and with operating costs said to be 70 per cent less than existing sensors –

Nova Extraction (London): Has designed and built an affordable, off-grid and mobile co2 extraction equipment to process natural material into high value ingredients –

bio-bean (London): Diverts waste coffee grounds from landfill and anaerobic digestion plants saving CO2 emissions and reprocesses them into Coffee Logs, biomass pellets and high value biochemical products –

Water to Go Ltd (Pulloxhill, Beds): Personal reusable water filtration bottles –

Echion Technologies (Cambridge): A Cambridge University spinout raising its seed funding round to commercialise superfast charging batteries for the automotive market –

Glyconics (Cambridge): Glyconics says it will be first to market with a hand held InfraRed medical device for use at point of care for diagnosis and patient monitoring –

Planetari (Cambridge): A globally scalable, multi-disciplinary, multi-media education platform that empowers children to be the innovators and entrepreneurs who build a better world –

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