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6 July, 2006 - 10:31 By Staff Reporter

New owner commits to second Stansted runway

ADI, the consortium led by Ferrovial which acquired BAA, has confirmed its commitment to a second runway at Stansted Airport. ADI, the consortium led by Ferrovial which acquired BAA, has confirmed its commitment to a second runway at Stansted Airport.

ADI has also confirmed BAA’s continued commitment to the policies put forward in the Government’s 2003 Air Transport White Paper, which originally recommended the second runway at Stansted.

The White Paper also proposed a third runway at Heathrow Airport provided that stringent environmental conditions could be met.

In addition to supporting the Stansted development, BAA’s new owners will review the plans and costings to ensure they are in line with best practice and will deliver value for money for all stakeholders. The review is expected to conclude in the autumn.

Juan Béjar, chief executive officer of Ferrovial Infraestructuras, S.A., said: “We have made today’s statement so that all stakeholders in BAA’s UK airports are very clear that we are committed to the White Paper agenda and committed to developing Stansted’s second runway as soon as possible.

“We are reviewing the costs and plans for G2 as we would any major capital expenditure plan in the group, to ensure that it delivers value for money, but we still expect to make a planning application in summer 2007 and do not foresee any delays to the timing of the development.”

During the review, work will continue on other aspects of the project, including the environmental impact assessment and preparations for the public consultation on the road and rail access that will be required to serve a two-runway airport.

Project director Alastair McDermid added: “Our public consultation for G2 ended in March so we had been planning to report back to the community over the summer about the location of the

second runway, the positioning of the extended airport boundary and the associated on-airport development.

“We now expect to be able to do this in the autumn although we are still on track to submit a planning application in summer 2007. We know that many local people are keen to know where they stand and our aim will be to report back to the community just as soon as ADI has had time to review our plans.”

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