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6 December, 2006 - 14:06 By Staff Reporter

Klyne Tugs wins £19m towing contract

International towage and salvage firm, Klyne Tugs of Lowestoft, has won a £19 million contract extension for the ongoing supply of Emergency Towing Vessels (ETV) to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) at strategic UK points.The new deal takes the current eight-year deal beyond 2009 to September 2011 and lifts the total contract value to £95 million for the full term.

Klyne supplies the MCA with the use of powerful tug vessels which are solely dedicated to patrolling the UK coastline 24 hours every day, year round, protecting it from marine accidents and pollution.

The current fleet of ETVs consists of four tugs strategically placed around the UK. These are changed between sectors when required and the vessels and crews regularly exercise with other Coastguard teams and all of the emergency services concerned with safety at sea.

The tugs are typically built in the Far East before being shipped over to the UK through Felixstowe and to the care of Klyne who has two monitoring the English Channel and another two along the Scottish coasts.

John Astbury, MCA’s chief executive said: “I am very pleased to hear about the finalisation of the contract extension. The removal of the threat of marine pollution is the primary task for the ETV’s. Each vessel has been engaged in such operations during the existing contract. Clearly prevention is better than cure where removing such a threat means there is no actual marine pollution.

“The Maritime and Coastguard Agency look forward to working closely with Klyne Tugs Lowestoft and with the masters and crew of the four emergency towing vessels for the duration of the extended contract.”

Speaking at the MCA headquarters in Southampton, Klyne Tugs’ managing director, Carl Beare, said: “Since the original contract was signed in 2001 the tugs have been involved in providing emergency towing services and environmental protection duties on numerous occasions.

“We are contracted to give 24-hour cover 365 days of the year and the tugs have gone to the assistance of many types of vessel in all weather conditions.”

The purpose built offshore tug, Anglian Monarch, is on station in the Straits of Dover in joint operation with the French Maritime Authorities, the Anglian Princess is on station in the western approaches at Falmouth, Cornwall, and the Anglian Sovereign is based off the north west coast of Scotland at Stornoway.

The powerful salvage tug Anglian Prince is currently based in Lerwick on the Shetlands to cover the east coast and sea areas of northern Scotland.

The 16,400 horsepower Anglian Sovereign was the most recent to be delivered to the UK and came from a Chinese shipyard. Sister ship to the Anglian Princess, it is 67.4m in length with a bollard pull of more than 180 tonnes and is fully equipped for towing, anchor handling and firefighting.

Since Klyne Tugs took over the current fulltime contract in 1999, a number of awards and commendations have been made to the Captains and crews of the ETVs for their bravery and skill.

Beare said: “On a number of occasions the ETVs have averted potentially dangerous situations from developing into major incidents where loss of life and marine pollution was a distinct possibility.

“I must pay tribute to the Masters and crews of the ETV’s who on many occasions are operating in severe weather conditions and in dangerous locations and have built up an excellent working relationship with their colleagues and supervisors in the MCA.”

Klyne Tugs employs 140 staff around the UK in all, and Beare added: “Although our vessels are deployed around the UK coast they are supported by engineering and a host of other services provided by local companies. We intend to continue with our support to these suppliers.”

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