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11 July, 2018 - 11:11 By News Desk

Turbulence on radar as Trump prepares to wing into Stansted

Security has been stepped up at Stansted Airport for President Donald Trump’s arrival tomorrow afternoon and his own G-men will be reinforced during his two-day stay in the UK by a small army of heavily armed police and security guards.

President Trump’s use of Stansted follows a familiar pattern over the last decade. Ever since George W. Bush’s June 2008 arrival at Heathrow caused chaos with a wave of cancellations and delays Stansted has been the preferred option of the White House.

President Obama used Stansted for three visits to London and his wife and children were said to be thrilled by the experience.

For President Obama’s visit for a G20 summit in London in March 2009 Stansted insiders told Business Weekly that the security standoff was laughable; one source said the poses of respective Russian and American security men shpherding their heads of state resembled a scene from a very bad Cold War movie.

Stansted are on a higher security alert than usual given the well publicised threats of protests against the President throughout his stay. Undeterred and showing his usual aplomb, the President raised the temperature for his visit by telling Press on the White House lawn before departure that he expects to see a UK in turmoil, adding for good measure that it would make his subsequent meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki seem “easy.”

American media sources said he repeated criticisms of Nato and spoke warmly of Boris Johnson who resigned yesterday as Foreign Secretary. Johnson had been, he said, “very nice” and very supportive.” Regardless of the weather, some turbulence is being forecast!

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