Jitterbit Vinyl helps solve technology-talent disconnect

25 Apr, 2024
Cambridge Life Science companies are being handed an early insight into a solution to a growing problem in business – handling increasing levels of data efficiently and productively.
Courtesy – Jitterbit

The success or failure of a business may depend on getting the balance right between accumulating and managing data as a company expands.

Globally respected company Jitterbit is being nominated for a string of Awards for its Vinyl product – a powerful low-code application development platform which automates workflows and accelerates digital initiatives.

Handling data management more efficiently is just one of the issues being assessed by the Cambridge Cluster’s Life Science community through a seminar series organised by Jitterbit, Business Weekly and law firm Mills & Reeve – starting with a Cambridge round table on May 1.

As Jitterbit points out, the current pace of business is more rapid than ever before. Companies – chiefly their IT departments – are struggling to stay on top of the issue, not least because talent is becoming increasingly scarce, applications and data management requirements are growing in volume & complexity and data accessibility needs to be extended to more parts of an organisation.

Companies are trying to combat this challenge by deploying additional technology but that isolated action alone is not proving to be effective enough.

Additional investment in technology alone often leads to a widespread variety of disparate systems and no ideal way to bring data together in a manner that provides an actionable interface.

Market Dynamics and Supporting Research

The evidence that this is a struggle too many companies are failing to address is overwhelming and compelling: According to Gartner Research, more than 500 million new applications had been created and deployed as of last year – equal to the number built over the past 40 years.

Gartner also revealed that the talent shortage was at a 10-year high with the technology sector facing one of the most acute talent gaps of any industry sector.

At the same time, IDC predicts that the amount of digital data created over the next five years will be greater than twice the amount generated since the advent of digital storage.

Companies are aware of the acuteness of the issue but what are they doing about it? Clearly not enough, according to analysis from Jitterbit Vinyl executives.

Some 94 per cent of companies concede that data and analytics are essential for growth. Yet nearly the same number say that an inability to understand and manage unstructured data is holding them back, and 63 per cent concede that they can’t get data in the right time frame.

IT departments that equip and empower citizen developers are 2.5 times more likely to accelerate their digital business transformation, according to Gartner. Which brings roaring into the rear view mirror the importance and benefits of Low Code Application Platforms.

Accepted wisdom and a resounding rostrum of facts prove that low-code application platforms:-

● Democratise application building

● Extend usage throughout an organisation

● Increase speed to market

● Decrease costs with fewer developers

● Provide a flexible and customisable workspace, enabling organisations to create solutions that precisely align with unique workflows, processes and user experiences

● Empower non-technical employees to participate and build apps for both web and mobile – thereby bridging the gap between IT and other departments

Low-Code and Life Sciences

Specifically in the life sciences industry, it is critical that customer data is properly managed from the moment it is received, processed and analysed. It is also vital that the customer experience is fast, pain-free, secure and compliant.

The challenge, however, is that business units and IT departments alike are struggling to keep up with their responsibilities because talent is becoming increasingly scarce and requirements are growing in volume and complexity.

Jitterbit Vinyl is succeeding because low-code application development tools empower both of these departments to rapidly and securely develop applications. The result is highly effective data management and a smooth, positive experience for employees and customers, Jitterbit can testify.

International Life Science companies, plus household name hi-tech users, are already deploying Vinyl whose applications in the BioMedTech field are legion. Vinyl enables Life Science companies to enhance operations across a raft of applications thanks to core capabilities that include:-

• Field Roster Accelerator

• Geography Mapping

• Zip Code Territory Management

• Google Maps and Zip Code Geo JSON

• Field Onboarding (Optional)

• Attribute Management

• Change History w/ Full Audit

• License Reporting

• Assignment Based on Suggestion Alert

• Organisation Charts

• Custom Reporting

There’s more - much more! In terms of Custom CRM, Vinyl enables a range of benefits incorporating:-

• Customised Profiles

• Dynamic Surveys

• Activity Reporting

• Manage Planning and Key Initiatives

• 5 NYF

• Capture Interactions

The HR Onboarding options are wide ranging and hugely beneficial and include:-

• Background Checks

• Benefits Administration

• Contractor Agreements

• Covid-19 Tracing/Wellness

• Diversity (DEI)Employee Policy Distribution/Signature

• Non-Disclosure/Candidate NDAs

• Offer Letters/New Hire Paperwork

• On/Off Boarding Checklist

• Performance Appraisal

• PTO Management

Jitterbit Vinyl has most recently been nominated in the 2024 Constellation ShortList™ in the ‘Enterprise Low-Code Tools and Platforms’ category.