Levidian launching US office and hiring big

14 May, 2024
Tony Quested
Cambridge ClimateTech company Levidian is planning to open a new base in the US to serve its growing customer portfolio in North America. The flagship office will be the company’s second outside of the UK, having opened a facility in Abu Dhabi earlier this month.
Courtesy – Levidian

Potential venues in the States are being vetted and the company will be targeting markets worth billions and looking to recruit as many as 250 people on the Big Bucks side of the Atlantic.

Powered by its patented LOOP technology, Levidian provides a comprehensive decarbonisation service for customers, capturing the carbon from methane gas before it is burned and turning it into clean hydrogen and high-quality graphene, a nanomaterial used as an additive to drive process efficiencies and enhance the performance of materials as wide-ranging as concrete, batteries and plastics.

The solution can be deployed anywhere with a methane source and is designed to function as a self-contained modular system that can quickly and easily be retrofitted to existing infrastructure, providing businesses with their own on-site supply of hydrogen and solid carbon.

The company is in talks with a variety of potential customers in the US and Canada and is already working with Canadian firm Strategic Resources to deploy LOOP as part of the world’s largest green iron plant in Québec. Other projects in the pipeline include gas distribution, heavy industrial users and battery manufacturers.

CEO John Hartley, said: “We’re on a mission to help the hardest-to-abate sectors on the planet to decarbonise and believe our technology could play a critical role in tackling emissions from industry, which contributes almost one-third of overall greenhouse gas emissions in the US alone.

“By capturing the carbon from methane and turning this potent greenhouse gas into a valuable source of hydrogen and high-quality graphene, we can fundamentally change the economics of decarbonisation and unlock mechanisms for further carbon reduction.

“This will pave the way to a new relationship between planet and profit as we make the transition to a lower carbon future, while unlocking new opportunities for growth and job creation.”

The company is targeting revenues upwards of $2 billion by 2030 and intends to establish a Regional Delivery Centre in the US, which is expected to create around 250 jobs in R & D and manufacturing. Two new team members have also been appointed to lead on business development within the region.

Levidian is already working with some of the world’s largest companies across a variety of industries and has sold LOOP and graphene to 50+ customers globally with 10 LOOP units either in the field or in construction today.