QPT’s Crowdcube funding round passes £1m milestone

25 Mar, 2024
Tony Quested
QPT, a Cambridge based specialist in developing highly efficient GaN-based electric motor controls, has seen its Crowdcube funding round passed the £1 million milestone with three days to go.
Rupert Baines

The company has previously raised £1.69m to fund R & D but is in fast-track growth mode as it pursues a market forecast to be worth $60 billion by 2030.

Rupert Baines, QPT's CEO says: “QPT has a perfect combination of an amazing technology that can cut the power consumption of electric motors by 10 per cent thereby providing a way to actively help reduce climate change and a management team of veterans of the GaN industry.

“QPT’s qGaN technology is a unique solution for the issues of overheating and RF interference that currently limit the speeds that GaN can be driven at. Now GaN transistors can be run at much higher speeds that any other rival technology – 20 times faster than SiC for example.

“The higher the speed, the less power is wasted in the motor control which can be very significant and the power savings rapidly add up as 45 per cent of the world’s electricity is used by electric motors in industry, transportation, heat pumps and electric vehicles.

“Our solution is smaller with a significantly lower system cost and saves more energy than rivals according to our studies. I am really excited to be heading a company with a real roadmap to make the world a better place.”

Quantum Power Transformation (QPT) Limited was stablished in Cambridge in 2019 as an independent power electronics company; it specialises in creating high-performance, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to solve the challenges of designing with Gallium Nitride transistors.

qGaN™ technology unlocks the potential of GaN to provide huge power savings across a wide range of electrical devices.