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28 June, 2015 - 15:19 By Kate Sweeney

GeoSpock on the map as Big Data pathfinder

Darrin Disley and Steve Marsh of GeoSpock

Big data technology pioneer GeoSpock broke into Business Weekly’s Killer50 in December and followed up by winning a major accolade at the Business Weekly Awards in March – since when the young innovator’s massive global potential has been recognised on a broader stage.

GeoSpock’s software is already used in a wide range of markets, including insurance telematics, fleet and transport management, mobile mapping, as well as retail and mobile analytics.

The versatility of this game-changing technology has now seen the company accepted as ‘Resident Innovators’ at the Geovation Hub in London – helping (among other things) Ordnance Survey create a roadmap of future products in this highly specialised arena. 

This initiative is branded as Britain’s pioneering location-data lab, which has Ordnance Survey and the Future Cities Catapult as partners. It is just one area in which GeoSpock has pole position. Helping companies, governments and other organisations cope in real-time with the burgeoning data deluge is big business; it has been estimated that GeoSpock is addressing a $1.7 trillion worldwide market.

So what does it do, this thrusting young business with the bold vision of becoming ‘The Google of Big Data?’

GeoSpock provides technology solutions to its customers to fully exploit the value of their Big Data assets by enabling real-time access to the explosion of dynamic, connected data sources regardless of scale, to support the next generation of internet applications and connected devices governing the Internet of Things. 

Aware that current database technology did not hold up well under future-use cases, Steve Marsh (GeoSpock’s CEO) decided while studying for his PhD at Cambridge University to create a Big Data platform that would allow customers to exploit the maximum value from all of their data – and in the process transform their business.

This enabling technology is achieved via the GeoSpock Engine, a database that combines both archived and live dynamic data streams into a multidimensional, real-time database. This allows all the data a client owns to be accessed for sub-second analysis, insights and innovation for the creation of new, real-time products and services using data which clients previously had no idea how to utilise due to the inadequate solutions in the market.  

GeoSpock appreciated that Big Data clients shared the same ‘Big Need and Big Challenge’ – they all have the requirement to maximise the value of this new, emerging source of data and combine it with existing archived material to create new insights and innovative products. 

Until now, however, there were insufficient technologies to enable this. By utilising the GeoSpock Engine’s core competencies, clients are now able to take advantage of:- 

  • Real-time database performance regardless of scale and load 
  • A platform optimised for dynamic, location-based data
  • A solution that fully enables the value of big data assets

Also – and thanks to the cloud – the sky is literally the limit as the scope of the technology becomes increasingly apparent. 

Marsh says: “The attraction GeoSpock holds for the future of connected devices is through its development of Google Cloud Services to maximise the benefits of cloud technology to offer the highest level of service coupled with low risk, low cost rapid implementation.

“This, paired with its service-orientated architecture, allows it to easily plug-in and extend existing architecture to gain the benefits delivered by new GeoSpock-based apps in operational time previously only dreamt of.”

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: GeoSpock chairman Dr Darrin Disley with CEO Steve Marsh

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