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7 September, 2017 - 10:29 By Tony Quested

RealVNC a big boy for 15 – and still growing!

Andy Harter RealVNC

One of the great technology companies in Cambridge’s all-time hall of fame, RealVNC, has come a long way since CEO Andy Harter and other members of the original VNC team at AT&T founded the business in 2002.

In its 15th anniversary year, the company retains the fridge-raiding appetite of any strapping 15-year-old and the coming months will demonstrate its hunger for more global successes.

For a company that already boasts a ‘to die for’ portfolio of international clients, RealVNC’s unstinting ambition to secure further sustainable growth is refreshing in a tech cluster where so many incumbents have seemed content to rest on fading laurels.

For the uninitiated, RealVNC provides remote access software. The software consists of a server and client application for the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocol to control another computer’s screen remotely.

The technology sounds straightforward enough. It is the scale of its reach and the breadth and depth of its potential applications that has underpinned success to date and holds the potential for continued diversity into new and lucrative vertical markets.

Adam Byrne, RealVNC’s chief operating officer, says the company has analysed both the ingredients of its success to date and what is needed to build on that platform to secure future expansion. 

“We have built the business through organic growth on a sustainable and highly structured basis without consuming huge amounts of cash and resources and certainly cannot be accused of having stood still. I joined in 2009 as employee number seven which soon became 15 and now we have topped the 100 headcount and are keen to recruit more talent. All nice and steady.

“Now what I think you might see in the next few years is a more aggressive growth strategy as we ramp investment in the business and target new opportunities. It is highly possible that you could see up to 30 extra hires in the not-too-distant future as we seek to expand applications and markets for our technology.

“There is great potential for diversity in our core technology and future iterations of it so we are excited about possibilities for the business going forward.”

Diverse clientele
RealVNC’s client base ranges from SMEs to corporate giants like Intel, Shell, Nvidia, Philips, NASA and Disney; from entertainment providers to educational users such as the iconic RaspberryPi project; from retailers and healthcare providers to government operators.

The website gives fulsome details that illustrate why thousands of customers have benefited from millions of downloads, contributing to the more than one billion copies of the VNC screen-sharing technology engendered to date.

The scale of implementations utilised by individual customers also ranges from small numbers to massive pan-organisation usage. And, as Adam Byrne points out, existing customers are now tending to deploy broader utilisations of the technology than traditional IT support; ARUP’s implementation of RealVNC is a prime example.
The engineering consultancy giant has opened up usage to departments throughout the organisation for general technical support, whether that be for finance staff needing to share information or for HR professionals for training purposes.

Perhaps the real power of RealVNC’s proposition is demonstrated by the fact that visitors to the Design Museum in London will see one of Arup’s prime inputs, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, displayed on one side and Raspberry Pi, the iconic Cambridge mini computer gamechanger, on the other. Two prime RealVNC clients in juxtaposition: a rare case of double vision that brings the power of Real VNC’s technology into stunning focus.

• Pictured: RealVNC CEO Andy Harter

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