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15 July, 2023 - 22:06 By News Desk

Revvity expanding the boundaries of human potential through science

Revvity, a visionary partner in developing technologies and solutions across disease pathways, is revolutionising the field of gene editing and modulation to enhance the drug discovery process. 

Revvity’s gene engineering portfolio of tools and services, formerly known as Horizon Discovery, retains the same dedicated team of gene editing experts and several decades of knowledge that underpins their extensive portfolio. 

Now, they are powered by a laser-focused purpose and vision as part of Revvity’s mission to bridge the gap between life sciences and diagnostics to improve human health. 

Collaborating with scientists worldwide, Revvity aims to help customers gain a greater understanding of gene function, identify genetic drivers behind human disease, deliver biotherapeutics and develop cellular and gene therapies for precision medicine.

Revvity’s Cambridge office, which is also home to the company’s centre of excellence life science and diagnostics demonstration lab, specialises in three key aspects of gene engineering for the global life science market:-
Accelerating scientific innovation and biopharmaceutical drug development by focusing on commercialising the application of gene editing and gene modulation.

Offering access to a variety of cell engineering technologies, providing customers with the flexibility to access technologies that meet their unique cell engineering needs.

Utilising knowledge gained from deep customer relationships to inform product development. This approach has led to the development of market-aligned innovative solutions that differentiates their offering and fuels advancements in precision medicine.

New and existing customers can benefit from Revvity’s decades of expertise in altering gene expression across human and mammalian cell types. 

Among the unique range of services and tools offered are the Dharmacon™ Reagents suite of gene discovery solutions, the Pin-pointTM base editing platform, gene-based screening services, reference standards, and bioproduction capabilities. 

Technology was always at the core of Horizon Discovery, with a focus on gene editing technologies such as CRISPR and base editing, and gene modulation technologies such as RNAi. 

Under the unified Revvity brand, there is a renewed commitment to invest further in commercially-led scientific innovation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and continue to democratise the use of novel technologies, to the benefit of all.

With unique market insights derived from longstanding customer relationships with global academic institutes, and biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, Revvity will continue to drive the future of gene-based services and tools into new frontiers.  

Revvity’s reach into the wider life science and diagnostic market

Revvity stands for accelerating science, transforming health and expanding human potential. They’re committed to making an impact and revolutionising the future of health by working closely with customers to address some of the world’s greatest health challenges.

At Revvity, “impossible” is inspiration. The company provides health science solutions, technologies, expertise, and services that deliver complete workflows from discovery to development, and diagnosis to cure. 

With specialised focus areas in translational multi-omics technologies, biomarker identification, imaging, prediction, screening, detection and diagnosis, informatics, and customised offerings, Revvity is pushing the limits of what’s possible in healthcare.

Together with their customers and partners, Revvity’s 11,000 employees unite in impact and embrace the impossible to improve lives everywhere. Their scope, reach, and ability to make an impact has never been greater. 
Revvity exists to expand the boundaries of human potential through science. Join them on this journey and see what tomorrow can bring.

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