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7 March, 2022 - 13:50

SATAVIA: Digitising the planet from surface to space

DeepTech companies are revolutionising humanity’s relationship with real and virtual environments through the deployment of ground-breaking data science, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications ranging from machine learning (ML) to expert systems and planning/optimisation.

Working in this space, Cambridge-based SME SATAVIA has created a revolutionary digital twin of the entire Earth’s atmosphere, enabling a suite of high-impact applications in sectors ranging from aviation and defence to energy and space.  

SATAVIA’s industry-leading tech platform, DECISIONX, integrates numerical weather prediction modelling, Earth Observation data, and global asset-tracking to provide high-resolution and easily accessible atmospheric data. Developed in conjunction with UKRI and the European Space Agency, DECISIONX generates unique insight into localised conditions anywhere, anytime, and from surface to space. 

SATAVIA’s numerical weather prediction model quantifies all meteorological parameters across up to 6 billion atmospheric model cells every 30 seconds, generating around 1 quadrillion (1000 trillion) computations per simulation day to create reliable forecasts of atmospheric and climate conditions across the globe.Courtesy of SATAVIA

Built in the commercial cloud for security and scalability, DECISIONX combines cutting-edge atmospheric science, data analytics, high-performance-compute, and AI elements (e.g. optimisation and expert systems) to deliver world-beating actionable insight for all organisations influenced by atmosphere, climate, and ocean. 

Built on DECISIONX, SATAVIA’s product lines solve specific, sharply defined challenges in addition to enabling innovative problem-solving across broader domains.

DECISIONX:5-DX enables a host of digital twin use cases, empowering decision-making (DX) across 5 dimensions: latitude, longitude, altitude, time and probability.

DECISIONX:NETZERO aims to reduce two per cent of human climate impact, while DECISIONX:FLEET allows asset owners to increase availability, reduce cost of ownership, and predict maintenance requirements. 

Enabling digital twin use-cases

SATAVIA’s 5-DX digital twin offers uniquely actionable insight for all organisations affected by atmosphere, climate and oceans, quantifying atmospheric and climate parameters and informing decision-making across three-dimensional space, time and probability. 

Whether implemented as a stand-alone platform or federated with other digital twins for enhanced insight, 5-DX empowers a wide range of use-cases ranging from energy to space and from maritime to construction and mining. Among numerous defence applications, 5-DX enables advanced mission simulation for training and scenario planning, any time, any place, in any operational theatre on Earth. 

Whether enabling smarter design of new airframes and engines, informing renewable energy policy, or facilitating high-accuracy military simulations, DECISIONX:5-DX provides decision-makers with unparalleled insight into the atmospheric environment.

In a fast-growing digital twin market forecast to be worth $106 billion by 2028, 5-DX offers standout resolution, fidelity, and flexibility, empowering a host of use-cases from surface to space.

Reducing aviation’s climate impact

DECISIONX:NETZERO deploys an expert system approach to prevent contrail formation and associated climate impacts, while capturing the benefits through carbon equivalent offset credits. 

Most green aviation initiatives focus on reducing direct carbon emissions from aircraft engines, yet direct emissions account for only around 30 per cent of aviation’s climate impact. By contrast, nearly 60 per cent of aviation’s climate impact arises from the contrails (or clouds) formed by aircraft at cruise. 

DECISIONX:NETZERO incorporates three components: 1) contrail likelihood forecasting; 2) optimised flight planning to avoid contrail risk zones while simultaneously minimising additional fuel burn; and 3) quantification, validation, and offsetting of contrail prevention activity via an accredited voluntary offsetting platform, creating a new global market in carbon offset and emissions trading worth up to $9 billion per year at current carbon pricing.

In October 2021, SATAVIA partnered with Etihad and Boeing on the EY20 Sustainable Flight, implementing contrail prevention alongside a suite of other measures that reduced per-flight climate impact by over 70%. This historic flight demonstrated the potential for high-impact, commercially sustainable green aviation on short-term timescales. SATAVIA is now working with Etihad to implement contrail prevention in routine flight operations, expanding the art of the possible for sustainable flight.

Enhancing asset condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

All mobile and static assets are exposed to environmental contaminants such as dust, air pollution and sea salt. Operators know that contaminants cause faster asset degradation but lack accurate quantification of contaminant exposure and its implications for asset maintenance and availability. 

DECISIONX:FLEET manages the impact of the atmospheric environment on mobile and static assets on land, at sea, or in the air. DECISIONX:FLEET enables smarter condition monitoring by tracking exposure to atmospheric contaminants and climatic effects, allowing for more accurate prediction of maintenance requirements and preventing costly unforeseen asset degradation (a market worth $20.48bn in 2017 in aviation alone). 

By helping users to understand the risks posed to their assets by localised conditions, DECISIONX:FLEET improves asset availability and lifetime while reducing key metrics such as fuel burn, cost of maintenance, and overall cost of ownership. Customers for DECISIONX:FLEET have included Airbus, Safran, Lufthansa Technik, and Rolls-Royce, while SATAVIA has recently  signed a contract with a leading defence operator to enable the integration of FLEET insights into military fleet management. 

The way ahead

SATAVIA now aims to set the industry standard for atmospheric digital twin applications ranging from greener aviation to defence applications, and from smarter asset management to platform-as-a-service environmental intelligence. By working with leading players such as AWS, Microsoft, Etihad, and key defence operators, SATAVIA is blazing a trail for commercially viable digital twin applications. 

• SATAVIA is open to enquiries from early adopter customers and commercial partners. Reach out at decisionx [at]

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