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12 March, 2014 - 10:57 By News Desk

Geo targets £20k on Kickstarter


Green Energy Options, the smart energy technology business based in Cambridge UK, is bidding to raise £20k on Kickstarter by the middle of April to develop innovative features on a smart heating controller.


It has raised just over £3k of the total to date and has set a guillotine of April 14 to raise the balance to ensure it can complete new features for the system.

It is the first direct-to-consumer product that geo has ever launched on Kickstarter after eight years dealing with utilities and partners.

Geo says its ‘Cosy’ smart heating system demonstrates how smart thermostat technology is moving on. Billed as a ‘wireless multi-user home solution’ Cosy does way more than it says on the tin, according to CEO Patrick Caiger-Smith.

“Those of you who have been watching the march of home heating products into the market (Nest, Tado) will recognise some key tech: boiler control, one-touch temperature changes, remote viewing; but it’s the extras that pack a punch.

“Cosy is different: it’s about coming home to a welcoming house (not just a warm one) – with lights, music playing, your electric blanket on, a phone charger good to go etc. The device control is limitless; you can add as many devices you want to the system through smart plugs. And those, along with the heating, can be controlled – whether you are at home or away – using a mobile app.

“The Cosy thermostat responds to manual, pre-set and mobile commands to make sure your home is the right temperature for you. With the Cosy app you can set up a personal home comfort schedule to suit your style, changing the default temperatures of each mode accordingly (cosy, comfy, slumber and hibernate).

“Importantly, Cosy overrides – but does not replace – your home’s existing heating controls, so it offers total flexibility without lock-in. Moving house? Take it with you. Having house-sitters? Turn Cosy off completely.

“Our market testing showed us that consumers want a simple, portable product and mobile applications that make managing their home environment easy, flexible and economical – whether they are at home or on the move.

“With Cosy, users have a home solution that suits any lifestyle, whatever the weather. Anyone can use Cosy – it doesn’t matter how small or large your home is, how old or new, or what kind of heating and lighting systems you already have installed. Cosy really is that simple to use.”

Over the last six months geo has been busy designing, prototyping and building Cosy: “We wanted to design a system that wasn't just about heating but about setting the perfect environment for your home,” said Caiger-Smith.

“So far we've built the hub, the display, the switch and the App. We've got all four working together to control the heating, but there's one thing missing. And that's why we need the help of the crowd.

“We want the App to be able to control devices in your home - like lamps for example. That way you can return to a warm, lit and welcoming home. We've already built the bits of hardware we need (we call them Smart Plugs) and with your help we can use the money to add the feature into the Cosy system.”

• The fundraising campaign can be found at or visit the Cosy website

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