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3 July, 2014 - 15:38 By Tony Quested

Funding flies for Canary care technology


The Canary home care monitoring system, invented by Acorn Computers co-founder and technology entrepreneur Chris Curry, has raised 85 per cent of its £250k target on Cambridge UK-based crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom.

Today the haul stands at £213,500 and hoovering up the remainder would appear a formality.

Canary, showcased by Business Weekly in May 2012 , allows family and friends to remotely check in on elderly or sick relatives.

A group of professional investors gave Canary a flying start by pledging £125k and small investors were invited to collectively match that amount. The system was devised to allow elderly or infirm people to live in their own homes for longer rather than having to go into homes or hospitals.

Canary is a series of sensors which, when installed in a person’s home, can check that everything is as it should be – and provide peace of mind for loved ones. They allow family, friends and carers to monitor online temperature, movement and even who is visiting.

The system can recognise, for example, if an elderly person has been to the kitchen to eat, if their house is warm enough, and whether a visitor (such as a carer) has been at the expected time.

Canary doesn’t use cameras or microphones so nobody can be seen or heard, but if anything out of the ordinary does occur, the system will send an alert to designated family and friends by email or text.

The recent official launch came just days after the Institute for Public Policy Research predicted that by 2017 the number of older people in need of care would outstrip the number of adult children able to provide it.

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