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11 June, 2015 - 12:47 By Tony Quested

New UK sports car company seeks cash through SyndicateRoom

the Elemental RP-1

A team of former McLaren F1, Porsche, BMW and Lotus employees is seeking crowdfunding through Cambridge platform SyndicateRoom to create a revolutionary lightweight British sports car.

The new British car company, Elemental, has been founded and run by senior designers and engineers who formerly worked at these leading marques.  Elemental is seeking to raise £600,000 for a 26 per cent share of the business through the SyndicateRoom round.

Elemental is creating a new range of cutting-edge lightweight sports cars designed for the track and road-driving enthusiast. The cars incorporate 21st century motorsport design principles, aerodynamics and materials. The first car in production – the Elemental RP-1 – will completely update the traditional idea of an occasional-use road and track car. The RP-1 incorporates a carbon fibre tub (as seen in all F1 cars), motorsport-derived aerodynamics, dramatic styling and owner-tuneable suspension.  It will be available with a choice of engines to suit all uses and driving styles.

The core members of the team have a multi-disciplinary motorsport and engineering background, having worked on some of the world’s most successful and admired super-sports cars and racing programmes.

The Elemental Group is based in Surrey, close to the heart of the British Motorsport industry. The business is currently completing development of the Elemental RP-1 and finalising plans for the launch of this car later this summer.  

John Begley, technical director of Elemental said: “When I was looking to buy a track-day and competition car, having looked extensively and driven a number of existing cars, I concluded that I could actually do better. So I brought in friends and colleagues to help me design a new car. We originally set out to build a lightweight, two-seater, track car with exceptional performance and easily adjustable dynamics. 

“But once we started, we realised we could incorporate some major material and design advances and make the car not only track-capable, but also road legal, class-leading and offer it for sale. 

“This concept became the RP-1, a car that can be easily configured by the driver for their driving style and environment, while offering a car that brings modern motorsport thinking and materials to the widest possible audience.”

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, founder and CEO, SyndicateRoom, added: “We are very excited to be helping Elemental to raise the money they need to push forward decisively with this fabulous car and the significant advancement their company represents for the British motorsport industry. 

“And for our investors, this project offers very broad appeal given the number of ‘petrol-heads’ we know will be intrigued by this story and want to explore owning their own stake in this exciting new company.”   

In addition to the chance to invest to own shares in Elemental, investors will also be offered a range of other perks.

Those investing over £50k get first refusal to buy the beta-car and be part of the testing team and factory support if they decide to take up racing. If the investor doesn’t have his/her FIA track licence, Elemental’s test driver will provide the necessary coaching to achieve it. Those investing over £20k get a place on the waiting list to buy the first RP-1s.

People investing over £5k are invited to an open day and a chance to be driven in the car. For more information about the RP-1 and the Elemental Group visit:

Those interested in investing in the project should visit the SyndicateRoom website -

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