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13 June, 2020 - 08:49 By Tony Quested

R4DAR hits accelerator and seeks growth funding

R4DAR Technologies Ltd, a Cambridge startup with a mission to improve the safety of all road users in the smart autonomous world, is one of 20 companies shortlisted from a pool of over 100 applications to take part in Cambridge University’s CISL (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership) Accelerator Programme.

Intended to support technology startups, entrepreneurs and SME’s, the programme will nurture rapid product/technology innovations subsequent to the COVID-19 crisis to build resilience and pioneer change for a more sustainable future.

Over an eight-week period the cohorts will be invited to participate in a series of online sessions and to present their respective proof of concept ideas and/or technical innovations so they can be taken to the next level.

Founded just 10 months ago, R4DAR Technologies is pushing the boundaries of the autonomous landscape through the development of low-cost identification technology. 

Intended to work alongside existing cameras, motion sensors and other embedded tech, the company’s pioneering solution will augment the fidelity of all subject and object data collected. 

This unambiguous information will enable more accurate and informed decision making, which in turn will help mitigate many of the safety risks associated with autonomy across a wide range of industries.

“Early unequivocal detection and identification of obstacles and hazards is the single biggest challenge for current Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and for future Autonomous Vehicles,” explains Clem Robertson, CEO and Founder of R4DAR Technologies.

“Being able to immediately identify potential dangers in busy urban environments regardless of lighting or weather conditions is fundamental to ensuring road-safety in the autonomous world.

“Our low-cost and low maintenance technology will be able to detect, identify and locate subjects and objects at ranges far beyond the capabilities of existing Cameras or Lidars.” 

According to the team behind the CISL programme, the current health crisis has highlighted the shortfalls and vulnerabilities of many businesses and systems. 

As such there is an urgent need for new, innovative approaches that will contribute to the economic and social recovery while minimise the impact of any future disruption. 

R4DAR Technologies is confident its technology will play a leading role in improving road safety in the near future. The UK business has already received a Transport-Technology Research and Innovation (T-Trig) grant from the Department of Transport and is looking to secure further funding over the next few months to speed up R & D and take its proof of concept design out of the lab and into the real world for validation and demonstration purposes.

R4DAR Technologies has also been recognised as a successful innovator participating in the highly regarded Cambridge University/Judge Business School EnterpriseTECH course.  

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