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30 May, 2011 - 13:08 By News Desk

ARM leverages Microsoft alliance

ARM president Tudor Brown

Cambridge superchip designer ARM Holdings is standing by for a boom in business stemming from its partnership with Microsoft Corporation.

ARM’s chips in Microsoft technology will push Windows software into cars and digital televisions.

In an interview with Bloomberg, ARM president Tudor Brown said the Cambridge company could start generating royalties from its technology in Windows-based laptops and tablets as early as next year.

The relationship between the companies has already boosted ARM’s stock and cachet on global markets and within industry sectors.

And the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds between Microsoft and Apple can only enhance ARM’s muscle.

Brown told Bloomberg that Microsoft’s strategy of adapting Windows to better support devices that could compete with Apple’s iPad would further help ARM boost market share and open the door for new applications of its technology.

The Microsoft alliance has also intensified competition between ARM and Intel. Driving into new application areas will help ARM keep its foot on Intel’s throat in the volume of chips being shipped.

Business Weekly flagged up new opportunities for ARM in automotive, digital television, mobile phones, set top boxes and residential gateways in our ‘5050 Vision’ publication last November celebrating a half-century of the Cambridge Tech Cluster.

Practically every major consumer product launched in recent times has leveraged ARM chips. Now ARM believes its market share for chips used in mobile computers – tablets, notebooks and low-cost netbooks – to escalate dramatically. ARM's 10 per cent market share would expand to 15 per cent by the end of the year, Brown told Bloomberg.

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