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8 March, 2011 - 11:25 By News Desk

Amantys Ltd seeks partner companies


Power electronics trailblazer Amantys Ltd is seeking partner companies with a need for high reliability, medium or high voltage applications and higher efficiency.

Amantys was established in 2010 to bring power electronics technology developed at Cambridge University to market. The company is developing power electronics products that have a high level of programmability, enabling new and exciting possibilities in the field of power electronics design.

Amantys says it will work with partners to develop the specification and test its innovative products. The prototype products will be available in 2011 and will act as a platform for future product development. The company’s products closely control the switching of power transistors leading to higher reliability and efficiency. Feedback from the products to a remote monitoring station enables performance to be monitored and early power transistor failure to be detected.

The patented technology allows the power transistors to be constructed in a series topology which makes it easier to construct systems to switch medium and high voltages.

Amantys is targeting applications in the medium voltage power conversion market such as renewable energy inverters and motor control.

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