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8 March, 2011 - 11:39 By Staff Reporter

Partnership sought to roll-out technology


Ely-based company, Lumora is developing a new generation of molecular diagnostics based on its proprietary 'BART' technology, that are simple to use and affordable.


Its present focus is to develop highly distributed molecular tests for the food sector where there is an increasing demand for rapid, sensitive and highly specific tests not only for food-borne pathogens but also for GMO detection and the establishment of food provenance. The founding technology offers a means to couple the sensitive detection of specific analytes, e.g. nucleic acids, proteins or small molecules, to a quantitative, real-time luminescent output. The use of luminescence instead of e.g. fluorescence, permits far simpler hardware platforms to be employed reducing both hardware and reagent costs.Lumora was founded in 2002 by Laurence Tisi and Jim Murray, when it was spun-out from the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. Following two funding rounds, Lumora is seeking partners to bring its core technology to market across multiple sectors.

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