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26 October, 2020 - 21:58 By Tony Quested

Cambridge-Sydney alliance advances promising cancer immunotherapy

Gavin Currie of Biosceptre

Biosceptre in Cambridge UK has teamed up with Australian cancer tech trailblazer Carina Biotech to advance a promising oncology immunotherapy.

Biosceptre is developing targeted therapeutics and immune-oncology products; the Babraham Research Campus business has acquired the exclusive rights to Carina Biotech’s nfP2X7-targeted CAR-T cells and associated intellectual property.

This super-suite has shown encouraging cancer-killing capacity against a number of cancers in pre-clinical testing, the partners reveal.

Biosceptre and Carina will collaborate to further develop the nfP2X7 CAR-T programme with the aim of advancing towards clinical trials in the near future. Carina has received an unspecified upfront cash payment plus equity in Biosceptre.

Gavin Currie, CEO of Biosceptre said: “With this deal we are building on our commitment to therapies focused on non-functional P2X7, a cancer target that has been shown to be present on the majority of cancers.

“Our goal is to bring novel therapeutics to patients suffering from a wide range of malignancies and CAR-T therapy is an important part of our immune-oncology approach.”

Deborah Rathjen, CEO of Carina Biotech, said the alliance represented a “significant milestone for Carina as it is the first commercial agreement involving our proprietary CAR-T technology.”

She added: “We believe that nfP2X7-targeting CAR-T cells hold significant promise as a potential treatment for a range of solid cancers and we are pleased to be working with Biosceptre to further bolster their pipeline of therapies exploiting the novel nfP2X7 target.”

Biosceptre is a biopharma thought-leader focused on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy and immune-oncology treatment; it is committed to bringing a new range of targeted therapies to a broad array of cancer patients.

With Nobel Prize-winning science leadership and renowned researchers, its work is founded on science from the University of Sydney; headquartered in Cambridge UK it has research underway in both Sydney and Cambridge.

Nobel Prizewinner and Cambridge life science dontrepreneur, Sir Greg Winter, is on a star-studded Biosceptre advisory board. Sir Greg was inaugural winner of the Cambridge Enterprise-sponsored Lifetime Achievement accolade in the Business Weekly Awards in March 2018.

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