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Barr Ellison Solicitors – commercial property
18 April, 2013 - 16:13 By News Desk

A new tool for Thermo-electrotherapy Taping

Ref 13 IT 55X5 3S5T

An Italian SME with a long experience in engineering and architecture services is developing a “bandage” able to perform a function of localized thermo-electrotherapy.

In this way each patient will be able to perform the therapy stuck at home. The company is looking for other businesses and/or investors to establish partnerships in order to continue scientific and industrial research on innovation projects and/or already existing projects.

The idea consists in realizing a "bandage" (taping) capable of performing a function of thermo-electrotherapy localized, without the need to travel to a physiotherapy center for the use of professional equipment and without connection to the electric mains domestic and/or bulky batteries instead of having to perform the therapy stuck at home.

The operation of the "Thermo-electrotherapy Taping " is therefore warranted during the daily routine, but there is also the possibility to associate it with a sports-rehabilitation, conveniently chosen by a physiotherapist, to optimize and further reduce the healing time and/or rehabilitation of muscle or joint injury.

The energy required to emit the necessary electrical pulses to the thermo-electrotherapy, both for analgesic use, which stimulant current (sports use), will be generated by a piezoelectric material, which is able to convert a large part of the mechanical energy produced into electricity and/or heat.

For this project is made reference to a transducer consisting of a thin piezoelectric plate between two conductive film, embedded within a structure of composite material and by two terminals from which it is possible to get the electricity produced.

From these terminals, starts a line that is constituted of two conductors with section sized appropriately adapted to transfer the energy from the piezoelectric transducers to the adjustment system, planning and control. Said conductors, may be of different length, depending on whether the adjustment system, is integrated into the wing containing the piezoelectric transducers (for example in the case of electrodes located individually on different zones), or if the adjustment system is integrated into the wing containing the electrodes (for example in the case of electrodes localized on only zone).

The reference transducer is customized according to the needs of both electrical and mechanical, so it is possible to have a piezoelectric transducer of different shapes and dimensions.

For the experimental phase will be used transducers standards present on the market. These are electrically connected in parallel forming "strings" of number and arrangement different depending on the anatomical and/or electric requirements .

"The Thermo-elettrotherapy Taping " is powered by the energy produced by the piezoelectric system, will emit electrical pulses identical to those emitted by the instrumentations professional using a "regolation system" able to generate and adjust the input current in a output current whose waveform and frequency is the desired one. The programming of this circuit is via direct interface (using an input port data integrated in the control system) with electronic equipment such as PCs, tablets, smartphones.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: industrial partners of related sectors to collaborate through a patent license agreement.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Medical devices for care, wellness & Fitness

- Task to be performed: Testing of new applications and/or Transfer of knowledge in new technology under a license agreement.

Ref: 13 IT 55X5 3S5T

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