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18 April, 2013 - 16:55 By News Desk

An innovative hygienic wipes dispenser

Ref 12 GB 4103 3OXP

A UK company proposes an improved dispenser and hygiene wipes. Placed in populated spaces like hospitals, schools, and gyms, it has proven to be quickly adopted by children and adults. The design ensures longer lasting of wipes, and improved convenience and maintenance. European suppliers and manufacturers of hygiene products are sought.

In order to prevent cross-contamination/cross-infection, wash your hands! This has been the message from various health organisations, including WHO, for the past 150 years. Even today, it is a hot topic in hospitals. Other organisations that continue to look for better hygiene are gyms, restaurants, schools and many more. In places with no sink available, one often uses dispensers with liquid alcohol gel. The problem with these is, you may kill the bacteria on your hands, but you will not clear them away. Medicine is increasingly familiar with the health hazards from dead bacteria.

An English company, coming from a background of engineering and innovation, now proposes a within arms reach product. The picture shows a wall-mounted hygiene wipes dispenser. Inside, there is a roll of 500 Z-shape-folded wipes (to enable a smaller size). The wipes have been proven to be 200% plus more efficient than alcohol gels.

The plastic the dispenser is made of contains Microban, for lifetime antibacterial protection. The dispenser is sealed, to avoid any drying or contamination of wipes, yet easy to use and to refill. Various wipes are available for different market sectors - facilities maintenance, kitchens, baby products, industrial (grime).

Competition with moist wipes comes in the shape of buckets or tubs. These have small problems like drying, wipes falling into the bucket, more hassle with refilling. Also, since they are meant to be used on benches, people carry them around where they should not. The hygiene wipes dispenser has been tested in schools, gyms, offices, kitchens and the National Health Service (NHS).

Innovative Aspects

• Desk top or wall mounted • Built in hinged/wall-mounting locking system • Keyless self-locking unit • Range of different wipes to suit different applications • Proven rapid adoption by children and adults, and better hygiene as a result

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: industry

- Specific area of activity of the partner: suppliers of hygienic products and disinfectant wipes

- Task to be performed: introduction on European markets, after-sales customer care.

Ref: 12 GB 4103 3OXP

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