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2 May, 2013 - 12:15 By News Desk

Automatic collection, storage and browsing of patient data

Enterprise Europe East – Ref 13 FI 30I1 3S7Q

An innovative Finnish mHealth company offers solutions for healthcare professionals to enhance and optimize care processes and improve patient security.

The aim is to free staff from routine tasks and spend more time on actual care work, thus improving care quality and patient safety. Company is looking for partners interested in expanding their product portfolio with value adding mHealth solutions and integrate this solution into their existing patient data system.

This solution introduces fewer filing routines, more time for patients and improved patient safety and satisfaction. This is an answer for the urging need for enhancing and optimizing care processes and improving patient security. The work of the care staff will also become more meaningful as routine tasks take less time.

With these solutions care staff in special healthcare can record, store and browse vital signs and other results of patient measurements with mobile device. Data is transferred to hospital EPR (Electronic Patient Record) information system quickly with one entry. Vital signs can be transferred to hospital EPR system also from the central monitoring systems.

The solution consists of the following elements:

1) Wireless Filing: Nursing staff can record, save, and browse the results of patient measurements (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc.) bedside using light weight mobile device, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). A Bluetooth connection is used to transfer the values collected by the other measurement devices automatically to the PDA for recording. The PDAs are connected to the hospitals network according to the facilitys data security principles.

2) Wristband Management: Easy patient wristband management solution integrated into the patient data system. It speeds up wrist band printing, improves patient identification and harmonizes wristband-related practices throughout the entire hospital. The wristband selection is wide and covers both chip (RFID, Radio-frequency identification) and bar code wristbands as well as adhesive and snap closure. The wristbands are high-quality, waterproof products which meet the requirements of hospital use.

3) Automatic Filing: Enables the automatic transfer of measurements and readings from patient monitors all the way to the patient data system through the dedicated platform server system either entirely automatically or with acknowledgement from a nurse without any paperwork in between. Commercial patient monitors and central monitoring systems can be connected to the solution.

4) Patient Flow Management: easy to use tool for both gathering patient flow data and analysing the results. A real time statistical data about patient flow and treatment phases that enables detecting the bottle necks in the care processes, like in primary care units. By analysing the data in real time and generating status view on-line, the data is always available for real time patient flow management.

Innovative Aspects

1) Automation of the routine tasks of the care staff: eliminating double entries and freeing up more time for actual patient care. Care staff in special healthcare can use their time more efficiently as they no longer need to record data first on paper and then into EPR system.

2) Quality and patient safety: Solution facilitates patient identification, ensures that the data is accurate and up to date and minimises the possibility of human error. The solution brings an added level of quality and patient safety to treatment processes. Patient security is improved also because user and patient are always identified electrically (with barcode or RFID -tag).

3) Solution automates daily routines and integrates fragmented data wirelessly and efficiently into the patient data system. The solution ensures that the data is up to date and available to for all users in real time.

4) Proven time savings in hospitals: solutions payback time is less than a year. The solution utilizes organizations existing WLAN network and measurement devices, which means that further investments are not required for taking this solution into use.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Industrial partner

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies with existing business in Health sector who are interested in expanding their product / service portfolio with value adding mHealth -solutions.

Ref: 13 FI 30I1 3S7Q

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