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Trade Floor

  • Seeking a power analyzer with sensitivity of 0.2% (or less)

    A Turkish SME, active in industrial automation systems, is looking for a power analyzer with certain technical specifications to be used in energy... Read More

  • PLA (Ploylactide) Packaging Technology

    A Turkish company, active in manufacturing cleaning materials and hygienic chemicals, is looking for cost effective technologies for producing PLA... Read More

  • Neul to raise several millions


    A Cambridge company with the potential to join ARM and Autonomy in the global technology pantheon is set to kickstart a new spurt of growth through a... Read More

  • Radio Frequency (RF) and Wireless


    Reducing RF and Wireless product times and costs (Ref: 11 GB 77dz 3KUT) A UK SME specialising in the design and test of communications devices and... Read More

  • Virtual Windscreen Wiper

    Virtual Windscreen Wiper (Ref: 11 GB 42O1 3KRR) A UK inventor has developed an innovative windscreen clearing apparatus which clears rain water from... Read More

  • Antibody labelling kits

    The world’s easiest to use antibody labelling kits (Ref: 11 GB 41n7 3KT8) A UK SME has patented and launched an innovative kit that greatly... Read More

  • Bio fuels conversion technology


    Process equipment to convert biomass wastes to refined bio fuels using next generation technologies (Ref: 11 GB 41n7 3KQ3) A UK company offers a... Read More

  • Remote Activity Monitoring System


    Innovative Remote Activity Monitoring System for monitoring rehabilitation of patients at home A UK SME offers for licence, technical cooperation... Read More

  • Electronic Power Management

    Electronic Power Management A Scottish SME electronic design company offers its expertise in power management to electronic design and manufacturing... Read More

  • Thin films and magnetic materials

    Deposition and characterisation of thin films and magnetic materials A research group of a UK university specialises in the deposition and... Read More

  • Bioprocess development and protein manufacture

    Bioprocess development and protein manufacture A UK company operates a complementary state-of-the-art bioprocess development facility with a focus... Read More

  • Oil spill control and cleaning

    Optimised technology for oil spill control and cleaning A Danish based international company has developed a range of technologies for controlling... Read More

  • Spun laid cellulose-based nonwovens

    Novel method for the production of spun laid cellulose-based nonwovens A German SME developed a novel method for the production of filaments for... Read More

  • Live image based chemical screens

    Live image based chemical screens of glioma stem cells and normal neural stem cells A London-based university has developed a live image based... Read More

  • Buy-Sides, Sell-Sides, Exchanges and MTFs

    Innovative technologies for Buy-Sides, Sell-Sides, Exchanges and MTFs An Italian company produces state-of-the-art technologies in hard real-time... Read More

  • Passenger operations resource planning solution

    Airport passenger operations resource planning tool used in many large airports A Scottish SME has developed a passenger operations resource... Read More

  • Secure countertop mounting solution

    Secure, Low Cost Mounting Solution Fitting all Chip & PIN Card Terminals at Point of Sale (Ref: 11 GB 46P4 3KDS) A Scottish SME has developed a... Read More

  • Structural Insulated Panel Systems

    Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Construction Technologies (Ref: 11 IE 51S6 3L0Q) An established Irish manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panel... Read More

  • Halogen-free flame retardant

    Technology for manufacturing of biodegradable fire resistant corrugated board packages. (Ref: 11 BG 0528 3KWE) A Bulgarian company has developed an... Read More

  • Brush coating technology

    Brush coating technology for surfaces with low adherence and minimal friction (Ref: 11 NL 60FI 3KLB)A Dutch research institute has developed a... Read More