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Richard Taylor of Simpsons Creative offers the inside track on the importance of brand and hot topics in marketing.

Brand leaders: Apple leaves Ferrari on the starting grid

“What is a man, what has he got?/If not himself, then he has naught” – the closing stanza of Frank Sinatra’s signature tune and part of his ‘brand property’, expresses a sentiment appropriate to branding at its best: namely integrity.

The ‘bear’ truth about Christmas commercials

Forget the Oscars. The new crowd-pulling blockbuster, the latest box office sensation, is the Christmas commercial from Britain’s big retailers, led this year by ‘The Bear and the Hare’ from John Lewis (5 million plus viewings on YouTube); ‘Magic & Sparkle’ from M&S (over half a million viewings); and ‘Unwrap Joy’ from Cadburys (over 85,000 viewings) as of last week.

Dad may not love this Ad but Ma might

My relationship with Marmite is a pretty ambivalent one. I don’t love it, neither do I loathe it.

All aboard the Royal baby brand wagon!

In my Top Ten Tips for Copywriting (No.6 – Be Involving) I encourage advertisers to link their names – where appropriate – with the topics that form the staple fare of the tabloids and social media sites: namely children, animals, football, celebrities and, ahem, sex.

Digital revolution rams home timeless truths

To say that the internet has brought about a social revolution is to state the obvious.

Close to 80 per cent of the population is now online and whether they spend their time shopping, gaming, social networking or simply surfing, it has become a social and business phenomenon – some might say obsession. According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 people spend more time online than they do sleeping.

Fast forward to the future of TV advertising

In the ad world we work on the rule of thumb that you have three seconds to arrest attention with a print advertisement.

From mad men to best buddies: Brands that want to be your friend

Brands and branding have been with us for a long time (ever since the first rancher burned his initials in the hide of a steer) and you’d have thought we’d have understood them thoroughly by now.

Sex still sells - even though it's not allowed!

It’s been a good few decades since you could get away with gratuitous sex or sexism in advertising. Remember the glory days when Fiat could run an ad headlined “If this car were a lady it would get its bottom pinched”? Famously, it attracted feminist graffiti that read “If this lady was a car, she’d run you down!”

Don’t try to gatecrash the party – throw your own!

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Damien Hirst’s formaldehyde -preserved shark is its title: ‘The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living’.

Social media specialists – back in the bottle?

I’ve never tried to get a genie back in a bottle. In fact anyone who knows me well could tell you that I’ve never tried to get anything back into a bottle at all – it’s strictly one-way traffic as far as I’m concerned.

A bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s not your size!

A bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s not in your size. It’s a truism, but it’s a demonstrable fact that greed often puts common sense on hold. And before any men out there start to get too smug about who is the most vulnerable to the ‘it’s half price so I must have it!’ syndrome. Watch and see how many of them come away from a sale with a bagful of hardware ‘essentials’ destined to gather dust in their shed or the attic.


Imagine you’re interviewing a candidate for a job. You usher them to a chair and after the usual formalities you lean forward expectantly and say “So then, tell us about yourself.”

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