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Will Mooney, Partner at leading consultant Carter Jonas, gives his take on issues in the commercial property world.


  • Government and councillors need to realise how special Cambridge is

    The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, as with the Budget, is always eagerly anticipated by the property industry, particularly among our residential... Read More

  • Some friendly competition could be good for business

    As December approaches, the thoughts of many in our business community become increasingly preoccupied with two upcoming events and they are neither... Read More

  • Where do you locate a business and how do you choose where that should be?

    This is an important decision that all CEOs and board directors will have to make at some point, whether this is at inception or as a result of... Read More

  • All shapes and sizes

    When is a corridor not a corridor? When it’s an arc. What’s the difference between a cluster and a hub? Nothing material. The terminology used to... Read More

  • The push me-pull you summer

    Whether you think of the ‘pushmi-pullyu’ creature as a gazelle unicorn hybrid which featured in the original Dr Dolittle book series or the two-... Read More

  • A not so leisurely approach to hotels

    The UK’s hotel scene has come a long way since the days when holidaymakers packed their buckets, spades and windbreaks and headed to the seaside for... Read More

  • Insider knowledge gives agents an edge

    For many years now, property agents have bemoaned the paucity of Grade A accommodation on the open market in Cambridge and its sub-region. The... Read More

  • Hard core behind the glamour

    The glamour deals on office suites and new buildings for companies in the life sciences, IT and supporting financial and professional services... Read More

  • The quest to invest

    In a period when the European Central Bank is setting the tone with negative interest rates for commercial banks’ overnight deposits, when government... Read More

  • Sub-sectors surface

    Will Mooney The holy trinity of conventional commercial property market sectors are retail, industrial and office: the RIOs. These are... Read More

  • Up town mid-ranking for affordability

    In Cambridge per square foot rents are hitting an all time high as all agents agree. However, office occupiers spending half a million pounds per... Read More

  • Compass points enterprise zones towards 2016

    In the recent round of identification and designation of new Enterprise Zones (EZ) – announced by Chancellor Osborne at the end of the last month,... Read More

  • Pump up the volume in a record breaking year for investment

    The end of the year is nigh. Cue the number-crunching frenzy for us property people. We’re gathering data on all aspects of the market in order to... Read More

  • What’s my line?

    “Companies cannot afford to take the instant availability of good space in prime Cambridge locations for granted in the way they have done through... Read More

  • No rest for leisure sector players

    It’s not been a time for those agents with specialist leisure sector teams to put their feet up and relax. It’s not called the leisure ‘industry’... Read More

  • Airing the problem

    It’s not been a scorching summer and while weather forecasts don’t point to top temperatures for the end of the season, I’ve read that the air... Read More

  • Cambridge summer rent review

    Mid-way through the year and the Cambridge office market appears to be hitting the mark or, in some select parts of the city, exceeding the... Read More

  • Mid-tech industrial demand continues in Cambridge

    The demand for new Grade A commercial and new residential property stock in economic hotspot areas like Cambridge creates pressure on sites... Read More

  • A manifesto for development

    With polling in the UK General Election today, Will Mooney – Carter Jonas partner and head of commercial and professional services in the eastern... Read More

  • Education, education, accommodation

    Cambridge’s undergraduate and post-graduate student population are as sophisticated as its workforce in expecting to work and live in space which... Read More